The Big One……….Chapter 78

Fred Casper sat at his desk constantly trying to find a way to capture this bastard space worm he had released into nature thus cursing his own life. Vooch had been  more than a pain in the ass and Casper  was making it his number one priority to recapture him. Turning his head away from the screen to let out a sneeze, Casper could not believe his eyes when they focused once again. Vooch was the only known creature with ability to make himself invisible to Casper’s Special New Signal Directive console yet here he was on the screen laid out on what appeared to be a plateau not far from the valley, actually right next to Gorbel’s fortress mountain. Fred was so excited that his hands trembled as he instructed a number of his six legged creatures to meet him near the back door of the farm house. Grabbing his jacket he then ran out side to meet them wondering all the while what had suddenly made Vooch visible.

There was a very good reason as to why this ancient space worm was now detectable to Fred Casper’s console. Vooch had a very complicated and powerful biological make up. There was no creature in over a thousand solar systems that had anything close to what his kind possessed. Although he was able to make himself invisible to any system, he was capable of being influenced by certain substances that would weaken his system thus making him more vulnerable. Vooch had paid a visit to that old brewery and upon burrowing through the bottom of a large vessel filled with beer had ingested huge amounts of the substance. He had an intestinal track that could handle some very nasty things but had never drank alcohol before let alone been drunk. Both of these things happened instantly leaving the poor creature wondering what had hit him. His head felt very fuzzy and thoughts of paying folks a very jolly visit passed through his mind. He suddenly wished he was back on his home planet so he could chase a few females of his own kind around. He also felt very giddy and brave beyond all reality with a bad case of the munchies. Trying now to move about he smacked face first into a tree falling over and laying there feeling the whole situation to suddenly be very funny. In fact pretty much everything seemed funny right about now. That was when his foggy gaze fell upon Casper. The creatures with him were moving backwards wanting nothing to do with Vooch. This did not bother Vooch  as he felt it no problem to pretty much kick the crap out of the whole galaxy right now. Or maybe he would treat them to more of the awesome liquid he had just drank. He had no clue what it was but felt rather thirsty for more.

There were many things Fred Casper did not know about Vooch . One such thing was that his internal substance was very potent and when he let out any sort of gas or air which he rarely did, anyone within about twenty feet would be totally intoxicated by it. This is why when Vooch raised his head and in his drunken state let out a huge belch Fred Casper was not only thrown backwards onto the ground but heavily intoxicated by the alcohol in the space worms system. All he could do was lay there trying to rise from time to time ,slurring all words he tried to pronounce. He finally managed to shout out a loud proclamation as Vooch  dove beneath the earth to start creating a sink hole bellow Gorbel’s fortress.

“VOOCH you over grown pain in the ass space maggot.”

The six legged creatures literally had to drag Casper back to the farm house.


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    • Hi Patsy thanks for reading, you scroll down to where the Older Posts tab is and click it. You will find the same tab upon scrolling down again. Keep doing this until you reach chapter one.

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