The Big One……Chapter 77

Kevin Cross was a very tender plant when it came to matters of emotion brought on by situations of great stress. This is why both he and the love of his life Amber Gershwin were feeling so badly of late. It had been these two that had been taking care of young Emily when she had gone missing. Following an extended period of searching for the girl they had grown tired and despondent returning home for a rest and to discuss what to do next. Sitting in the barn area chatting with Rem Josephus seemed to make Kevin feel better for now and so Amber went off to the house to rest and make something to eat for everyone. She casually noticed Fred Casper heading out the back door to walk towards the valley rim with an escort of those disgusting creatures. It was not until some time later when she heard the panicked shouts of Abe and Anna that she knew something had happened. The two came bolting through the back door into the kitchen talking loudly about Casper being drunk and a large space worm that let out a large toxic burp. These things did not make much sense at the out set. Giving the happenings in the last couple of weeks however , everyone was smart enough to know that a little time was all one needed to bring about perfect understanding of brand new things.

Meanwhile out on yonder plateau where mister Casper lay extremely inebriated, there was a new development as Vooch plunged deep into the earth to create the largest sink hole he had ever done. One the would be some one thousand feet deep below the earths surface and when it was done would totally  swallow Gorbel’s fortress mountain.

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