The Big One…..Chapter 82…..Conclusion

Kevin Cross and his lovely life partner Amber Gershwin were also married the next spring before Rem Josephus and Donna Case departed for Rem’s home valley. Not long after that a number of babies were born on the valley farm and other people began to arrive and settle in the valley. One such young lady was a girl named Rachelle Collins whom Tyler Gorbel had eyes for but did not have the guts to approach. Yes Tyler had settled in nicely on the farm since being brought there by Vooch. Speaking of our good space worm friend, he always looked after young Tyler even when the youngster did not know it. In fact on one fine summers day while Rachelle lay down at the other end of the meadow sunning herself, Tyler was crouched in a stand of trees nearby trying to get a look at her. Vooch observed all of this and decided it was time to pick a mate for this young fellow. On his home planet a care taker routinely chose a mate for another by simply picking the one they cared for up and dropping them on top of the chosen one and he did exactly that much to the utter shock and horror of both Rachelle and Tyler. Vooch did not stick around to see the results because he was sure they would be fine. He was correct in the long term but the immediate result was rather rough on young Tyler as a horrified Rachelle let out a scream, leaping to her feet  punching him in the head. With the passing of time however the two fell in love and had children who were born to a loving family and a guardian from out of this world who would always watch over them.

There is one other order of business concerning the liberation of Diego Island and how it’s inhabitants would speak forever of a worm like creature from out of this world who had delivered them. The evil forces of Anson Gorbel would live on through Egor Vrolev who had taken control of the four remaining fortresses upon Gorbel’s death. They would proceed with great caution under Vrolev but would always try to conquer and control. Sanford Adams was the agent Gorbel had left in control of Diego Island and being a very brutal and controlling sociopath had mudered and rapped his way to most evil person in the minds of the islands innocent people. Andrea Alder was a beautiful young lady whom Adams had forced to be his girl friend and would regularly beat the poor lady senseless. On the day Vooch arrived he witnessed a drunken Adams drag Andrea from the house they were living in to the out house door. Diego island had lost all indoor plumbing in the quake and were still relying on out houses as toilets. After beating her to a bloody pulp she was left lying out side the door as Adams went into the out house to urinate. Vooch knew what he would do as Adams sat down on the toilet snatching up a magazine to read. All Andrea heard through the door was an echoing scream that sounded like Sanford Adams had dropped into a deep canyon. Coming to her senses following the beating she had taken, Andrea pulled open the out house door to find nothing but a deep black bottomless hole. Nothing was left between those four walls and her tormentor Sanford Adams was gone.

Vooch performed a similar task when disposing of the body of scientist Fred Casper. Dave Rippley and his girlfriend Loraine went down stairs to a vast cavern. The basement of the farm house was no more and eventually a new one was built as the current dwelling collapsed into the hole.

There is a lovely sunset on the close of this story as dusk descends upon the valley farm. It was a day like any other but on a ledge in the next valley an old creature stares skyward observing something only he can behold. Under the floor boards of a remote cabin where the console of Fred Casper was hidden it too comes to life seemingly on it’s own in response to a signal. For from a distant galaxy there approaches a group of alien ships on a mission to reclaim what is rightfully theirs. The remnants of some old ships with technology, a console with creatures and reclaim them they did all except one lone stubborn self willed worm who had chosen to stay on this earth amongst humanity. So it is that I will not say the end for we will see him again some day soon.

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The Big One……Chapter 81

Abe Yoder and Anna were very happy when little Emily was returned to them from her captivity by Fred Casper. Now that Casper was gone they would also get their gold mine back and continue with plans to establish trade with the people of Diego Island or any other remaining large populations that would be willing to do business. Rem Josephus had agreed to perform a marriage ceremony and would do so before he and Donna Case departed. The hillbilly wished to return to his home valley in the mountains not too far away and since he and Donna had fallen in love, she would be going with him. Emily of course would be the flower girl and they had already made a wonderful dress for her. Loraine and Dave Rippley would have their wedding a couple of days after that. This would take place in the coming spring and everyone would be there. Perhaps an unexpected guest that no one ever expected could make an appearance if he was of a mind to do so. You should know by now whom that would be as he has surely become a part of us all. We shall discuss him more in the final closing chapter of this story. I am rather aware of the place Vooch has found in the hearts of my readers.


The Big One……Chapter 80

Dave Rippley  had watched Fred Casper leave with an escort of those horrible six legged creatures. His hand still held the gun inside the right coat pocket. This Casper scientist had started out as one of them and had become a nemesis to  everyone. It is funny how a man could start off with a great career so full of good intentions and then go astray in such a short time. This Special New Signal Directive Technology had made an animal out of Fred. It was literally like Dave did not even know the man anymore. The final straw for Rippley was when little Emily had been abducted. Abe and Anna’s gold mine being stolen from them was a great transgression in Dave’s eyes but taking Emily was way too much. Gorbel was a very evil man and now it seemed Casper had become the very thing he was fighting. There was a shout from the near slope where Donna and Loraine had been talking. Looking up Rippley saw the creatures dragging a seemingly drunk Fred Casper to the back door steps of the farm house. They waited there while Fred dragged himself inside as  everyone looked on in disbelief. Dave felt a quiver of excitement go through him as he listened to the banging sound of Casper’s drunk body falling down the basement steps. If there ever was a time to take care of Casper it was now. Moving towards the farm house steps Dave froze for the creatures still stood guard. No one would be able to enter the house now until Fred allowed it. A feeling of discouragement washed over the youngster. This scientist seemed to thwart their efforts at every turn. Dave grew tired of waiting over the next hour and had just turned heading to the barn when a huge rumble from the next valley shook the earth sending a massive plume of smoke and dust into the air. Right about that same time the creatures toke off in that same direction. Rippley was surprised but knew his time had arrived. Running into the house while everyone stared in the direction of Gorbels fortress mountain, Dave went down the basement stairs as quietly as possible. Casper’s door was wide open and Dave could hear muffled cursing and swearing coming from the room. Peering inside Dave saw the scientist hunched over his console very upset. It seemed he had lost control of the creatures. Dave knew what must be done regardless and all in one motion aimed and fired his gun sending Caspers head with it’s contents all over the wall.

Rem Josephus had often spoken of a remote valley not far away where there was a large cabin. It did not take the youngster long to collect the console with all it’s trappings including a case with many devices in it. With the people still gathered outside wondering about what had just happened in the next valley he was able to slip away. It toke him a couple hours to reach this remote cabin and entering the building could tell no one had been there for a long time. Prying a couple floor boards up the youngster hid the technology there and headed back. Vooch saw all of this and kindly disposed of the scientists body.

The Big One…..Chapter 79

Anson Gorbel felt more confident than he had ever been in his entire life. His scientists had found traces of hair and other DNA belonging to this space worm that had stopped him from killing his nephew. The other reason was that he was able to kill many people after all some fifteen hundred or more including their leader and her son. This was like a natural high to such an evil person and just when things could not get any happier for this wicked man a message arrived. It was from his partner Egor Vrolev notifying him of  surveillance footage that had discovered a secret place where scientist Fred Casper had hidden a little girl. Gorbel felt there must be some good reason Fred would do such a thing so off he went accompanied by two agents to take a look.

Vooch was a creature full of surprises at times but today would pretty much top them all. He was just about done creating the sink hole over a thousand feet deep below Gorbel’s fortress mountain. He then went to get Tyler Gorbel who still lived in the little cabin overlooking what used to be the valley settlement. When I say he went to get him that is literally what Vooch did. Surfacing right beside the youngster while he sat on a bench outside the cabin the creature toke him by the leg dragging him off once again kicking and screaming.

“What the hell are you doing to me now”, screamed young Tyler?

Vooch simply kept going until they were just in view of the valley farm. That is when he let go of the lad who stood up brushing himself off. It did not take much for Tyler to understand that this was where Vooch wanted him. He was however hesitant due to the fact that these folks were complete strangers to him.

Sensing his hesitation Vooch once again toke hold of his leg and Tyler instantly gave in

” Okay okay  I don’t need you to drag me everywhere, I’m going”.

Vooch watched him go knowing he would be okay, my these humans sure could be some stubborn at times.

It was now time for the ultimate trick of this fine day and perhaps for all times. No one knew of yet another capability mister Vooch possessed and this was one to beat all. His breed was the only  one with capability to manipulate Special New Signal Directive remotely. This means that he could instantly take control of all Fred Casper’s creatures when ever he wanted. These alien life forms never tried to mess with Vooch for a reason and it is because they literally felt his power. All of this would be brought to bare this very day on the dark , evil and murderous Anson Gorbel.

Anson approached the little encloser that held Emily with the casual stride of a school boy. His world seemed great this fine day with what he felt were many accomplishments behind him. Just rewards for all his evil works was repaid in one dreadful heartbeat as a massive roar shock the earth. Turning to look behind them Gorbel and his two agents watched as the entire fortress mountain dropped into the bowels of the earth sending a massive plume of dust and smoke skyward. Fred Casper watched all this including what happened next from behind his console completely powerless.

Gorbel’s personal end came as he stood there with his mouth wide open beholding the great spectacle that ended his prized fortress. That is why he never noticed the ground under his feet heave up throwing him into the air. It would be pointless to surmise what actually killed this tyrant. There was a very long and sharp needle from a flying porcupine type creature that shot into his stomach. The tremor toad showed up to barf thick green substance all over him while he was still in the air. One of the six legged creatures ripped a hole in the left hip while Anson was on his way to the ground. All of these things really don’t matter because by the time what was left of this very dark individual hit ground, he was nothing but dust. As his soul departed this world following an existence of such violence and evil, he was certainly not square with the house!

With all of this noise and goings on no one heard the report of a hand gun from the valley farm basement. But just like that all in one day the people had a fresh start.

Little Emily was returned to the valley farm that very day. Vooch ? Well he had other business.