The Big One…………………………………Chapter 33

Fred Casper had never been a very big sleeper but when Bill Langley finally left him alone he suddenly felt very tired and decided to lay down for a late evening sleep. Slipping right away into a deep sleep his dream was of the days he had spent with his dear friend Doctor Ginsley in that remote lab near Roswell New Mexico examining and learning the technology of those ships that no one in the world had ever seen before. One such device that had them spell bound was when the doctor discovered a device that could render the ships invisible to the eye. There were things the two men learned that would make star trek look boring. Not long after Doctor Ginsley’s death Casper had figured out how to link most of the technology to his mobile console and now his dream drifted into the last time he had ever seen the Doctor who was by then in failing health. The words of his admonition to Fred to always use the technology for good rang in his ears as he drifted back awake. Sitting up on his bed rubbing his eyes, he toke his console and brought all of his butterflies to life, sending them outside in the gathering dusk, he made them fly in formation in honour of his good friend Doctor Ginsley. Not far away in the next valley the tremor toad entered the mountain fortress easily and transmitted images of the control room to Casper’s console. Fred’s heart froze as one of the first images to be seen was the cruel features of Anson Gorbel.