The Big One……………Chapter 51

Abe Yoder was one happy Amish lad with happiness showing on his face and a warmth in his heart. He and his good friend Bill Langley had just arrived back at the valley farm with his childhood friend and neighbour Anna Colbenze. The young man knew that they would spend their life together and raise a family but for the first time since having his entire family wiped out in the quake there was a deep sense of purpose inside his very soul. This was brought on by the knowledge that he now had a life partner to walk down life’s road with. Young Emily and Anna hit it off right away and the two ran to play in the meadow. The rest of the day went bye fast and arrangements were made for Anna to stay with Emily in the main house while Abe remained in the cabin until he and Miss Colbenze could arrange to be married. Both had agreed to traditional Amish court ship followed by marriage.

Bill Langley and his girlfriend Donna Case had made a rather nice apartment together above the barn and had been living there for some time now.

Everyone was tired and so it did not take long for sleep to find anyone that night. Crickets chirped outside and a wolf howled from a distant mountain pass with the moon casting a ghostly glow upon the farm. On that same night a pale rider was summoned from a spiritual place to ride and claim yet another soul and so he did travel to the valley farm and claim a certain soul who’s worldly travels had ended.  Bill Langley had always been aware of his heart condition and on this night it toke him where he lay sleeping next to his girlfriend Donna Case. No one would know until the next morning when Donnas screams would bring them all running, but of course by then Langley and that pale rider would be long gone.