The Big One…………………………..Chapter 29

Anson Gorbel was a cruel, unfeeling and self centered man who’s mind for nasty and deadly means knew no bounds. He was third in command of the Central Intelligence Agency being third generation as well in his family to serve in this organisation. He now found himself in full control as the recent disaster that had most likely killed close to all the worlds population had  also wiped out his two bosses and all white house leadership. He had never held any respect for any of these people and had always seen them as obstacles to the top of the food chain. The quake had found him in one of the CIA’s newest and most secret high tech strongholds in this vast mountain range of Colorado. He had been showing his nephew smart young nineteen year old technology prodigy Tyler Gorbel around the massive facility built into the large mountain as he would soon follow his uncle as a fourth generation CIA operative.   Anson really had no use for most folks but his sister Nitta, Tyler’s mother who had been taken by cancer a year back, was a person he had cared for. Tyler on the other hand could be annoying and unlike other people really had no fear for his uncle. He would refer to Anson at times in the presence of other people as Uncle Annie. This drove Anson crazy at times and young Tyler knew it.

Anson stood now before the huge situation screen deep in the heart of the massive facility taking mental note of what he would do next. He had some five hundred or more operatives with him in this facility that was stocked with enough food and fuel plus munitions to keep them going for close to three decades. He had four other facilities that were under his control with similar supplies. One in Montana near the border with Canada and one in the Arizona desert near the Mexican border. The other two were coastal out posts with one in West Virginia and the other deep beneath a winery on an island off what used to be California.      All five facilities were also well stocked with plenty of helicopters, planes and some three hundred drones per location. Fuel was not an issue and all manner of food and drink were abundant. Regular patrols of drones were dispatched from all locations and were now slowly taking note of any pockets of humanity that may still exist. Anson already had plans to develop new cities or towns over which he would reside to build his very own empire.

There was only one thought that nagged at his mind and it concerned a certain scientist named Fred Casper who had been presumed dead but his research ship had been found recently off the coast of Virginia minus it’s crew and helicopter. The ship and crew he could take or leave, but Casper was a man that must be found should he be alive. The project and technology he had developed was a first of it’s kind. It was believed that it was literally out of this world so to speak. Only the top two people of the CIA knew what Fred worked on and this had been a matter of great frustration for Gorbel. He had however been able to learn some things and that alone had astounded him. What sort of things had they been able to learn from these ships in New Mexico? What was this New Special Signal Directive?  The large screen came to life in front of him now with intelligence from an incoming drone that had been searching for life in a nearby mountain range. Pictures of a valley farm came across the screen and on the side there was a visual of the plane landing on the complex run way. Gorbel was watching the valley footage when the men at the control board gave a shout of alarm. He shifted his attention back to the landing drone just in time to see it disintegrate into a ball of fire. He stood there with his other staff mouth wide open. His shocked mind attempted to put what he saw together to just make sense of it all. There had not been any detection of enemy aircraft or incoming missiles in the area. What could possibly………his mind put it together all at once as his heart froze and his very being exploded in a mass of surprise and outrage! His mouth opened as rage exploded from his depths!


The Big One………………………………….Chapter 28

                                                          Fred Casper had the best of hopes for this brand new system that his new weapons operated on. New Special Signal Directive was a first for humanity in that no other system in the world could detect or track it. There was one other scientist who knew about it Doctor Ginsley and he had died some five years before the current tragedy of what was thought to be cancer. He had been assigned to a facility near Roswell New Mexico and had stumbled upon this new revelation and since he and Casper had been friends he confided in Fred and upon his death Casper had been approached to continue his weapons project and had incorporated Ginsley’s findings regarding New Special Signal Directive in the development of these deadly weapons. As he turned the stain glass coloured butterfly weapon over in his hand Fred could think of  only one CIA operative that knew about the system. This man was third in command at the agency and was ruthlessly evil. He was one that Fred dearly hoped had not escaped natures wrath. The back door slammed and Casper could hear frantic talk in the kitchen and his heart skipped a beat when he heard the word DRONE! All at once he knew that there was a remnant of the CIA alive and all he wanted to know was how many and where. Flipping open his main frame control and sliding the basement window open he stretched his palm out the window containing the butterfly weapon and off if went. Fred let it fly around the yard and house for a bit and could hear the little girl who had joined them with the Amish fellow exclaim its beauty as it flew about the yard. Fred could see everything from his screen as the fluttering object toke off towards the mountains and less than thirty seconds later had locked its sites on the Drone. This weapon was not as fast as a plane but it could move at over one hundred miles an hour and both find and track anything. In other words this drone could run but never hide. Fred was so taken with this pursuit that he did not hear Bill Langley coming down the basement stairs and he almost threw the console when he spoke

                                                  ” Howdy stranger, what you been doing down here all this time”?