The Big One……………………Chapter 64

Anson Gorbel was feeling the tension rise within himself as time drew near for the implementation of this coming military strike against the valley farm in order to seize the special new signal directive technology. He had felt a renewed confidence at the outset of preparations for this mission but felt a certain unease now. There had been a message sent to Anson earlier that day telling him that his partner the former Russian agent Egor Vrolev had recovered much quicker than expected and was moving around the base. Gorbel had chosen to have all three drones sent from that same base situated in what used to be the southern states in order to maintain the greatest element of surprise. The situation room screen came to life with an image of a rather pale Egor Vrolev still in his underwear sporting a big smile.

“Hey boss hows it going with you”? I know you are preparing for the big mission but I found something nearby your base in those mountains that you might want to know about”.

Without another word Vrolev had images of extensive surveillance footage sent to Gorbel’s screen. It showed a small valley settlement that appeared to contain some fifteen hundred survivors of the recent quake. This place was on the opposite side of the fortress mountain from where the valley farm stood. Gorbel’s smile was dark and evil while nodding his head taking this all in. Vrolev was very annoying and Anson could not decide what element of his person made it more so, his loud voice or that annoying Russian accent. Every now and then however his very important usefulness would show reminding Gorbel why he kept him around.  Once this mission was over he would have to pay these people a visit when the time was right. They probably knew something about that valley farm, possibly even a thing or two about that pain in the ass scientist Fred Casper.

Tyler Gorbel came up beside Anson about this time with news.

“Hey Unc the mission is about to begin and the drones are on target within a couple of minutes. The three insertion helicopters are lifting off for the valley as we speak”.

Anson had lost count of how many times he had corrected this youngster about how to speak properly, especially about referring to him as Unc. He had no time for this right now and so whirling about to face the youngster he simply snarled a most nasty order those dark eyes full of sedition.

“Get out of here NOW”!

The situation screen came to life once more with all three drones approaching the valley farm at a very high altitude. The radio crackled as all three insertion helicopters notified base that they were on their way to the valley farm. All seemed very well but only for a moment as the three drones entered a large bank of clouds and did not come out the other side. Their observation cameras simply went blank. There was an instant buzz of confusion in the situation room as everyone was totally bewildered. There was no debris from the drones to indicate they had exploded, it simply seemed they had evaporated. Anson Gorbel had seen too much already and instantly ordered the three insertion helicopters to be called off. The only problem was that two of them had already dropped their teams at the valley rim and the other was about to land to do the same. All hell let loose in one moment as the helmet cams of the agents showed out of nowhere some sort of hideous looking creatures attacking the first two teams ripping them to shreds. The other helicopter had not landed and was called off but as it was lifting back into the air one of those creatures jumped onto the side ripping it’s door off and climbing inside. Everyone in the situation room turned their heads away but could hear the screams of horror, chaos and agony from the aircraft as it spun out of control eventually crashing into the valley near the fortress.

Gorbel was in shock like the others but there was always that deep, black and evil rage that lived inside him constantly. This man had given himself over to a very wicked way through the years and it manifested now as the darkest anger one could imagine welled up to a hideous crescendo while he looked around for anyone or something to vent it upon. He spied his nephew Tyler slipping out an access door that led to a wooded pathway on the mountain side and was after him in a flash. Tyler was not aware of his uncles pursuit and was headed down the path when an iron grip seized his arm lifting him into the air. Gorbel was a powerful man and even more so when angry, bringing his gaze to bare on his nephew his rage spewded out through clenched teeth.

“I’m sick and tired you little piece of shit, you have been nothing but a problem since I brought you on board and I have had enough”.

He then flung the youngster to the ground like a rag doll while standing over Tyler his dark gaze leering down at him.

” So I think if I have grown tired of you I might as well be rid of your useless annoying ass”, said Anson  drawing his gun from a side holster to point it at Tyler’s head.

The young lad did feel fear as if beholding an extremely evil monster he had never known to exist for the first time. There was however a much stronger emotion he felt called hurt or a broken heart. This man was his uncle, brother of his very own mother and had been his only blood relative since she had passed over a year ago. Now here he stood weapon in hand about to snuff out his life as an exterminator would kill a rodent. How could someone be so terrible cold and cruel? Tears welled up in Tyler’s eyes and a lump formed in his throat. He wished for the first time in his young life that he had never been born and had nothing in this world.

It seemed that this would be a perfect time and place for Anson Gorbel to commit such an act, all alone on this mountain side with no one around. But he would be wrong because someone was watching him very closely. Not even fifty feet below his own feet there was an old creature from an ancient galaxy monitoring his every move. Vooch came up from beneath Anson’s feet like a shot out of a gun sending the man flying into the air to land on his back while the gun he had held clattered off down the mountain side.  Gorbel lay there staring in horror at the massive worm like creature that now towered over him. It had massive heavy lidded eyes that looked like the thing would rather be asleep and thick brows above them. Vooch then turned his gaze to the trembling heart broken youngster who knew instantly what he must do. Tyler leaped to his feet heading off into the trees. Gorbel saw his chance and scrambled back through the door into the fortress. Tyler knew that his life with Uncle Anson was done and before him lay a vast unknown. The early fall air was cold on his skin as he had nothing but a t shirt on. Tears poured down his face as his broken heart never felt so all alone. He did not know it at the time but there was someone who would be with him always and help would never be far away.

The Big One……………………..Chapter 63

Fred Casper had done the first of three things he felt needed to be accomplished that day by releasing the six legged creatures from their containment units.  There was about two hundred of these containers not far away but another eight hundred were in New Mexico not far from where the ships had crashed decades earlier. These eight hundred had not been released but this could be done as the others had been by Casper’s special new signal directive console. Fred was reaching for the steel container to do the second task he intended to do when foot steps recklessly ascended the basement stairs and his door burst open.  Dave Rippley was in the room in one swift stride his right fist coming up quickly catching a very stunned Fred Casper in the jaw. Casper slammed backwards into the wall, the container clanging to the floor. Dave grabbed him by the front of his shirt, pulling Casper up and hammering the shocked scientist against the wall speaking through clenched teeth.

” You sick son of a bitch , what have you done? What are those hideous creatures up there on the ridge? You are turning this world into a freak show that will be out of control. Those sort of creatures could easily annihilate the human race before we ever get a chance to rebuild our planet”.

Slowly coming out of the daze the punch had put him in, Casper shook his head and thought for a moment. He then simply looked at the young lad who still held a firm grip on his shirt and spoke slowly.

” Well Dave you and I are the only two who know about what we face from Anson Gorbel. The others know something is up but you are the only one who has been in that fortress and felt his wrath. Surely there is some smarts in that head of yours. You know very well what his plans are for us and the rest of this world and they are not pretty”.

Dave had heard enough, he gripped Casper’s shirt even harder and brought his face even with Fred’s.

” This kind of alien freak business in not the answer, once we are done with Gorbel’s bunch those things will find a way to control us surely you know that”.

Fred Casper was a few decades older than Dave but he had trained with the CIA while learning about the new special signal directive technology and knew how to handle himself. He liked this youngster and for that reason gave him a warning.

” Dave I am asking you only once to let go of me and get out of here, you are not thinking properly and I don’t have time for this”.

If the youngster had not been so controlled by emotional outrage he would have noticed the dead serious look in Fred’s eyes but he did not. Casper moved with quick precision sideways bringing a straight blow to the side of Rippley’s head. It was Dave’s turn to sit on the floor stunned and when he looked up the barrel of a fifty seven magnum starred back at him. Casper’s voice was very cold as he gave instructions to the youngster.

” You need to leave now and don’t ever come down here again or try anything like you have pulled tonight or I promise you will be sorry”.

Rippley slowly picked himself up from the floor and climbed the stairs. One thing he now must do would be to tell the others the whole story of what was going on no matter what Casper thought. He also knew what he must do sooner or later no matter what anyone thought.

Dave was not even half way up the stairs when Casper closed his door and opened his window to continue with the day’s second undertaking. Picking up the steel container he had dropped Fred held it out the window pushing a button on the side. A very thick mist like substance floated upward into the sky to form in a cloud at high altitude with orders from the console to wait for the drones of Anson Gorbel. Casper knew of Gorbel’s plan to attack the valley and everything was now in place to foil his intentions.

There was then only one last thing Casper had to do that  he considered to be a sort of insurance for extra surveillance. It would become the greatest error of his entire life that would cause the scientist endless annoyance and frustration that would know no end.

Vooch was a four and a half foot long and two foot wide worm from another galaxy who had come to earth on the ships that had crashed in New Mexico decades earlier. Casper and his fellow scientist had named him from the galaxy  they believed he had come from Vocon. The type of species he was of was call the Gooch. Vooch was the compromise they had therefore arrived at for his name. The things that were known about this creature was unbelievable. He had capabilities to tunnel through any substance at a steady pace that would make the worlds largest mining companies green with envy. He had large round dark eyes with heavy eye lids that made him look like he would rather be asleep. There was also his third eye capability that allowed him to see above ground even when he was far bellow. Little did they know but be could also hear from far bellow enabling him to pin point any target from far away and he could also be very lazy. There is not room enough in this story to speak of the capabilities of this creature but I will tell you some things Casper should have known and would not have released him from his containment nearby if he had knowledge of such things. Vooch was from a species of creature that were very self willed. In fact they had nothing but contempt for any sort of authority and when allowed to be on their own could render themselves invisible to all technology including the console of Mister Fred Casper. If these types of creatures did not like you they would not simply leave you alone but instead would torment that poor individual as Fred Casper would soon find out because Vooch had never liked him. Upon being let out of his containment Vooch headed straight for the valley farm encountering a young man and lady playing catch. He thought it neat to join them and so he did but they did not seem too happy about his visit. Oh well he would simply have to go bother Casper.

The Big One…………………………….Chapter 62

Kevin Cross and his girlfriend Amber Gershwin spent time trying to relax and get their minds on nicer things. Odd incidents had been happening and everyone was aware of how prone Kevin was to calamity and other strange happenings. No one doubted reports of strange things anymore around the valley farm as everyone knew that things were just not normal. Amber and Kevin were out in the meadow playing catch not far from the tree filled slope. The young lady had a very good arm but was not the best at catching the ball. Kevin on the other hand was athletic and could do both very well. The two youngsters laughed as they ran to catch and throw again. One ball finally sailed over Amber’s head and landed well up the slope amongst the trees. Kevin ran after it while Amber watched with a smile and it did not take long for the young man to reach it. She laughed as he pick up the ball raising it above his head as if some great victory had been won. Her smile suddenly turned to a look of horror as the ground about one hundred feet behind him heaved into a large hump and began moving towards the young man. Kevin noticed her changed expression and turned to see the moving mass with trees tipping towards him like a bunch of dominoes as it came. His first reaction was to freeze in shock but a scream from Amber brought him to action and he turned running at top speed down the slope shouting as he did.


Amber saw this all unfolding in disbelief and her knees felt weak but she too could not contain her emotions screaming, “OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING”?!

The Big One………………………………Chapter 61

The Amish youngster  Abe Yoder wasted no time showing the lovely Anna Colbenze around the valley farm. There was also the discovery that he and little Emily had made inside a mountain not far from the valley full of liquid gold. Abe knew that humanity would take a very long time to recover from the recent global disaster but when this did come to pass, there would be commerce once more. The two talked about how to cool and make bars of the gold as little Emily listened with surprising interest. Diego island was a good eight hundred thousand people, surely even now there must be some sort of trade amongst those folks. Abe was sure that the island was now controlled by the force that had attacked it but hoped they would be free once more some day to live in peace. It did not take the two youngsters long to rig up a cooling area with a number of molds to make gold bars. They succeeded in setting about fifteen gold pieces to cool and then headed back to the valley farm. Anna and Abe had agreed to keep this a secret but had also felt that an extra pair of hands would help and Dave Rippley was just the person they needed. Approaching the house Abe smiled as they saw Dave coming from the upper valley rim at a fast trot and started towards him. It was not until he was within about fifty feet of Rippley that a feeling of concern toke hold. Dave’s face looked as if he has seen a ghost or at least some other terrible site. Plunging past Abe as if he had not even noticed the Amish youngster, Rippley flew onto the porch and into the house. The three stood there in shock as they could hear the basement door fly open and crashing foot steps ascending to Fred Casper’s living quarters. What they heard next gave them a start as there was a louder sound of Casper’s bedroom door being kicked open followed by shouts accompanied by thumping and crashing sounds.