The Big One……………………..Chapter 23

                                                                                  The freak out factor raged hot through the blood of Kevin Cross now as it seemed that his nerves were at their very limit tolerance wise. It had all started when Bill Langley had almost  landed a plane on top of his head that fateful day on what was left of the west coast. There had then been the flight where the plane they were flying became stuck in the high tree tops of the Colorado mountains culminating in a life risking rescue that Kevin was amazed had not killed him. Things had seemed to be good after a period of rest when an innocent walk in the field ended with a helicopter almost landing on all their heads sending all manner of wildlife running in all directions including a huge pregnant cow that had decided that Kevin was a fine fellow to trample. He had escaped the crazed farm animal by dropping and rolling instantly which got him out of her way and under the hooves of the largest of the three billy goats gruff. He escaped all of this with some minor cuts and bruises and now about a day later was still trying to calm his nerves. He headed now into the woods in an attempt to clear his head because now that this scientist and three girls had arrived coupled with the body bag carrying the remains of their friend, another thing that unsettled him, things were just louder and this kind of rattled him further. He paused now closing his eyes and breathing deeply of the cool and crisp mountain air. Aw yes one of life’s many pleasures that could never be taken from him. His indulgence in this moment was fine as he stood there eyes ceiled shut. That is why he heard the large bull moose instead of seeing it bursting from the woods in front of him and was right on top of Kevin before he could react in any way. The animal was just as surprised as he was to see the lad and so he moved slightly to one side checking Kevin into a stand of bushes. The blow did not injure Kevin badly but was enough to knock him unconscious. His friends carried his lifeless body to his room in the house.

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