The Big One……………………………….Chapter 27

                                                Kevin Cross was young yet so very frustrated by so many things since this disaster had happened. Everything from watching his friends and countless others get slaughtered by mother nature to a plane practically landing on his head and then a helicopter. He was almost trampled by a large male goat and then of course the moose that body checked him into his current state of unconsciousness. One would wonder what more a young athletic twenty something year old could take. A very new chapter in his life would begin however as bit by bit he worked his way back to the land of the living by regaining consciousness and what his eyes beheld as he finally got there blew his mind. The most wonderful angelic face with the deepest blue eyes and red lips with blonde flowing hair. Those eyes were so deep that they seemed to plumb the very depths of his soul. This young man as a young spoiled rich kid had surfed off the shores of most this earths tropical destinations and had seen the sun both rise and set on most shores but never in his life had he beheld such celestial beauty as the face of the young scientist Amber Gershwin.

                                       ” So…you are still with us after all”, she said dabbing the cold cloth in a nearby bucket of ice water and placing it on his fore head once more.

                                         Young Kevin could only manage a grunt as he continued to stare speechless into those wonderful big blue eyes. Amber Gershwin seemed to understand his current situation and gave a laugh.

                                       ” Don’t go anywhere captain calamity, I am going to get you something to drink and a bite to eat”, then off she ran to the kitchen downstairs.

                                         Captain Calamity! Was this what people where calling him now? Just then there was pounding of feet on the porch and the door slammed. He could hear Amber and what sounded like Dave and Loraine in the kitchen talking about seeing a drone in the sky or something. He managed to climb out of bed and look out the window and much to his surprise what hovered outside his window was the most beautiful butterfly he had ever seen. Kevin’s grandmother studied butterflies her whole life and he had spent hours looking at pictures of all the worlds butterflies but this one must be a new one. It resembled a stained glass window of a church and this was very strange. A noise from above toke his attention from his present subject and lifting his eyes he saw the drone. A deep voice from the field beyond had him looking in that direction and before his eyes stood an Amish man with a little girl. Kevin’s already exhausted mind had seen enough so he sank back onto the floor into his former state.