The Big One………..Chapter 69

Anson Gorbel was smarting badly from the devastating defeat that had been dealt to his force of agents by Fred Casper’s special new signal directive technology creatures.  While many of histories warriors would have long ago given up, Anson continued to gather his agents around him to brainstorm for options. This man possessed a very deep and dark evil  that would never suffer defeat let alone give up. He knew what the next move would be thanks to his  Russian buddy and former KGB agent Egor Vrolev.  Egor had been monitoring the valley settlement on the opposite side of the fortress mountain. This place had about one thousand five hundred people in it including what appeared to be women and children. Gorbel felt certain that these folks would have information about the valley farm run by that pain in the ass Fred Casper and most likely could tell them a thing or two about special new signal directive. This time however there would be no blunders or mistakes. It appeared the leader of this bunch was a woman and her teenaged son who lived in a hill side dwelling up the hill a way. They would wait until she went to do her usual cooking and baking for the villagers below, that usually toke place in the evening. A quick missile strike would take care of any villagers or technology that could foil Gorbel’s plan. They would then swoop in by helicopter to search the area while having a little chat with this village leader. A very evil smile creased the corners of Gorbel’s mouth as he thought of the instant victory this would bring him and of course the statement this could make to inhabitants of the valley farm. Gorbel would have his people watch a few days more just in case there was other intel to gather and then make his move.

Vooch followed Anson Gorbel’s nephew Tyler to where he finally ran into the people of that valley settlement with the woman leader who lived in a hillside dwelling above the village. These people had come together following the quake and worked very well with one another building a good living place complete with a means to survive. Belinda Grace was the name of their leader and she lived with her teenage son Tristan in a cabin nestled on a little land bench that looked over their village settlement. Tyler and Tristan hit it off right away and quickly became like brothers helping one another with chores and such as Tyler now lived with this small family.

Vooch had planned to go and explore an abandoned brewery not far away but upon leaving Fred Casper he suddenly felt for some reason that he should stay close to Tyler Gorbel and watch over him. He watched now as visitors came and went from the home of Belinda Grace to bring gifts and ask advice. They all seemed to stand out side after knocking on the door waiting for someone to open it. This was just one of many things Vooch could never understand about these human’s . Why did they not just simply bash through a wall?

The Big One…………Chapter 68

Fred Casper was very worried about the fact he had released Vooch because he could not find him on the special new signal directive console. All technology or beings as they were called in the laboratory, where brought into subjection to the console before activation. Casper lay on his bed in the farm house basement with eyes on his console and mind scrambling for answers. He thought it would be good even if he could see the creature at least from a distance in order to get some sort of fix on his where bouts. With his eyes growing heavy Fred lay the console aside and settled down for some sleep.

Casper got his wish for a fix on the location of Vooch in the vey next second as he crashed through the basement wall sending Casper sprawling in shock to land on the floor. Casper lay there a few seconds stunned beyond belief before looking over to see Vooch staring at him through those large eyes that made him look sleepy. There was only one difference in that the large worm actually appeared to have a smirk on his face. This was enough to instill outrage in the usually calm scientist as the words sputtered from his mouth.

“VOOCH YOU SON OF A BITCH”, Casper dove for his fifty seven magnum as he said this but the creature was gone in a flash leaving a large hole in the wall with dirt and mud pilled high on Casper’s bed.

Casper was a very smart man and knew there must be a way to get a visual on this creature. Without any further thought he was up the stairs, standing on the back porch while scanning the surrounding farm for any sign of this pain in the ass he had inflicted on himself. Donna Case and Rem Josephus came from the barn area where they had been quietly living together for some time now. Kevin Cross and Amber Gershwin had been sitting on the porch when he came out but Casper had ignored them in his haste and they had simply gone into the house. Fred felt that maybe Rem and Donna could help him and so jumping off the porch he headed across the field toward them. That was when Vooch came up from under the ground right in front of him and Casper was so stunned that he hesitated and the creature disappeared. Donna and Rem both saw this and gave a shout of surprise. Casper simply looked down the hole and turned to the other two who once again pointed behind the scientist. Casper turned to see Vooch once again staring at him with that smirk. This angered Fred to no end who was now starting to feel humiliated in the presence of Donna and Rem. Pointing his gun was pointless because Vooch simply disappeared. Giving a sigh of impatience Fred turned and began to explain about this creature to the two and taking a step toward them his leg dropped into a sink hole landing Fred on his face. He tried to get up but when he did something grabbed his leg that was in the hole pulling him downward so that his head was all that showed with one flailing arm. Annoyance was now giving way to panic as Donna and Rem ran to pull him out and it toke some time before Vooch let go of Fred’s foot. They did get Fred’s foot out and pulled him away from the hole where he tried once more to explain while he sat on the ground.

Now Vooch was a creature not of this world that possessed many capabilities inside and out. He surfaced one more time that day to bid the scientist farewell for now. With Fred sitting on the ground Vooch came up right between his knees and looked the scientist directly in the eye. His reappearance was of great surprise to all and his departure was one of disgust as he barfed up a large pile of green slime right next to the scientists crotch a kind of going away present and oh what a wretched stench.

The Big One………..Chapter 67

Kevin Cross had seen and experienced many crazy things since the quake that had made him rather emotionally tender of late. This most recent episode had come when he and his girlfriend Amber Gershwin had been playing catch in the meadow near the tree lined slope. Kevin had gone up the slope a ways to retrieve the ball when a large lump heaved up the ground chasing Kevin back down the incline tipping trees over in it’s wake. A few of their friends had passed by before this but were too far away by the time it occurred. Kevin and Amber toke a while to calm down  and sat in the meadow for some time talking and holding one another. This had not only upset Kevin but Amber was shaken by this entire situation. The two finally agreed to head back to the farm house and tell someone and so keeping their eyes open for any signs of whatever it was that had troubled the two, they hesitantly walked towards the house.

About this very time Vooch had just got done freaking out Abe and friends except his little pal Emily. He was headed now for the farm house to pay his good bud Fred Casper a surprise visit. He was traveling about one hundred feet below ground when , what do you know. There was those two excitable youngsters that had gotten so upset not long ago on the slope. He really felt it would be rude to just pass under their feet without paying them another visit.

Kevin and Amber were only about fifty yards from the house when out of the ground in front of them sprang a large worm like creature. It had large eyes half open as if it would rather be asleep topped by bushy brows. It appeared to be about four feet long and a couple feet in width. Tilting it’s head to one side it stared at them with passive boredom. The two youngsters reacted pretty much the same as they had on the slope with Amber rendered speechless this time stumbling backwards while gasping, hands clasped over her mouth. Kevin was horrified but stood there a moment before launching into one of his out bursts.


Vooch simply gave another sigh of boredom and continued on his way to see Casper. These humans really could get so worked up over a little friendly visit. His visit with Casper however would be somewhat less than such.

The Big One……………..Chapter 66

Abe Yoder was thrilled that Dave Rippley had agreed to go along with Anna, Emily and himself because they needed a smart young person like Dave to help out. They had things fairly well in hand as far as the gold mine was concerned but Abe had always believed young Rippley to be a smart able bodied man who was wise in many ways beyond his years. He hoped that there would be an end to animosities between Dave and the scientist Fred Casper. The Amish lad liked them both and wished beyond all things that peace would prevail everywhere so that humanity could rebuild and move on. It did not take long to reach the mine and set about working. The other gold bars that had been set to cool had done so and about fifty others were now set to do the same. Abe was right about Dave who instantly showed some better ideas about working smarter instead of harder. A couple of hours went past and Emily lost interest in the work and was allowed to play outside so long as she did not wander too far. Another hour went bye and Anna went outside to check on Emily before they headed home while Dave and Abe finished a last minute task. They could all hear the little girl laughing and talking but thought it nothing as little children often had active imaginations.

It was a scream of fear from Anna that brought the two young men running outside to see little Emily petting the head of what appeared to be a large worm like creature with big round eyes topped by sagging eye lids that made the creature look like it would rather be asleep. The creature tilted it’s head to one side as if looking at the screaming Anna Colbenze for the first time. Emily continued petting this large worm until pulled away by Anna who instructed her to run in the opposite direction. Vooch gave a sigh of boredom and was gone in a flash under ground to check out some large steel structures he had seen a few valleys away. He also wanted to stop bye to bug that Casper human on his way over. Yes he could use some tormenting ,given his arrogant ways and could be taken down a few notches sooner rather than later.

The Big One……………………..Chapter 65

Dave Rippley was in a mental fog after his confrontation with Fred Casper that ended with the youngster leaving Casper’s living quarters at gun point. Dave knew he must tell the others everything and leave nothing out regardless of what Casper thought. Sitting on the farm house porch his mind drifted back to horrors he had been told about and seen first hand. Shudders of terror went through him as thoughts of those terrible creatures from another galaxy came to mind. Dave did not even notice Abe Yoder , Anna and little Emily standing there staring with eyes full of sympathy and inquisitiveness.

“Dave are you okay, I mean we heard all that commotion downstairs and hope everything is alright”?

Young Rippley shock his head in resignation, ” I’m fine and so is Fred but I need you folks to get everyone together at some point because I have something to tell you all”.

Abe nodded in understanding, ” okay but in the mean time we would like you to come with us because we want to show you something”.

Feeling that it may be a good thing to get his mind off of the present unpleasantness for  the moment Dave agreed to go with them and so off they went.  Passing across the meadow on route to Abe’s gold mine they saw Kevin and Amber playing catch near the opposite slope and waved. They were too far away by the time Vooch chased Kevin down the slope from the tree line and only heard distant shouts. Vooch however saw them and although he wanted to bother Fred Casper decided to follow them when he was done with these two screaming youngsters. These humans could get very excited at times over nothing but a little fun.