The Big One………………….Chapter 34

Anson Gorbel was now very aware of the existence of Fred Casper and knew that  Mister Casper was aware of him. His CIA training led him to order a quick expedition to the neighbouring valley for a strike to seize the technology. He explained everything to one of his many crack commando teams. They would go in first  being inserted to the upper rim and would hike down for maximum secrecy. Most of these civilian types were like little sheep that would never see or hear a thing. Gorbel was very clear that any type of resistance or lack of cooperation should be met with that person or people being shot on the spot. Patrick Tiersney was a forty eight year old twenty year veteran of the CIA and Anson had made him mission commander. Tiersney was never very vocal and did what he was told to the letter. After the valley was secured Gorbel would be notified and air lifted in. The twenty one person team seemed more than adequate for what needed doing in what seemed a small valley farm. Now by normal present day standards this would be the very thing to do in order to bring about such a desired end. Mister Gorbel however was overlooking the fact that the sheep as he referred to in the other valley were protected by an extremely deadly shepherd. The team was inserted on the upper rim of the quiet valley about an hour and a half before dawn under cover of darkness. The remaining night air was cool as summer would soon turn to fall. The aircraft left as quietly as it came and the team began to move towards the valley. Floating just inside the cover of the tree’s nearby was a very old creature that looked somewhat like a porcupine. He was about four feet long and had quills about a foot long that could be shot with deadly accuracy causing it’s victim to swell instantly and in many cases explode into a gory mass of puss and other such nasty affair. He had been found on one of the ships and made as the others to conform to the wishes of the console held now by Mister Fred Casper. Now the quills once injected would evaporate instantly leaving nothing but a puncture wound. That is why when the first one struck the young lady bringing up the rear of the team in the throat, everybody heard a gargling sound and turned to see her bloating to the point of explosion with both eye balls laying out of their sockets  and tongue swelling to grotesque proportions spewing puss. Gorbel watched on the camera from the situation room inside the mountain and was outraged yet horrified and urged the team to go on. Three more agents dropped within the next thirty seconds prompting a very angry Anson Gorbel to order an extraction team to pull everybody out thus calling off the mission. He had underestimated this Fred Casper and much more calculated planning must be done before any other moves should be made. This would indeed be the case……indeed.