The Big One……Chapter 81

Abe Yoder and Anna were very happy when little Emily was returned to them from her captivity by Fred Casper. Now that Casper was gone they would also get their gold mine back and continue with plans to establish trade with the people of Diego Island or any other remaining large populations that would be willing to do business. Rem Josephus had agreed to perform a marriage ceremony and would do so before he and Donna Case departed. The hillbilly wished to return to his home valley in the mountains not too far away and since he and Donna had fallen in love, she would be going with him. Emily of course would be the flower girl and they had already made a wonderful dress for her. Loraine and Dave Rippley would have their wedding a couple of days after that. This would take place in the coming spring and everyone would be there. Perhaps an unexpected guest that no one ever expected could make an appearance if he was of a mind to do so. You should know by now whom that would be as he has surely become a part of us all. We shall discuss him more in the final closing chapter of this story. I am rather aware of the place Vooch has found in the hearts of my readers.


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