Untold Stories……………Chapter 10

                                        It seems we have reached a part in the untold story where I must make a decision on weather I will continue this rather interesting story or simply start yet another one and do my best to captivate your mind with a new creation.

                                          So let us take a look at the three groups of interest in our current adventure and see where we are situated. Dave Ripley is in a lake in the Colorado mountains swimming for his life with his five tour group members dead. His girlfriend can be assumed dead but one can never be sure.

                                           Abe Yoder is up the river , literally with both a paddle and a canoe hoping to find a place to survive. His family and friends are dead including his poor sweet sister Greta who was the only one with presence of mind to follow him and be spared for the moment but alas her survival was not to be.

                                             We left Kevin Cross sprinting across a hill top over looking the Pacific Ocean with his friend Joel and his girlfriend Tiffany dead. One must remember that this portion of the story ended from above with a pilot witnessing California breaking off from the continent and falling into the ocean, killing presumably some forty million people in one motion. With this in mind we must assume that there is not much hope for our good friend Kevin but take heart my friends, this is a fiction story.

                                             This brings us to the point of my summation of the story so far, I need your input. Before I carry on or start a new story I would like you to know that there are a number of directions I could take this adventure or I could simply bring it to a close. I will let you folks decide and I will give you a week. Please message me with what you would like to see. If I hear from no one I will simply start another story in a weeks time and carry on. If you would like me to continue this story of world destruction into the great unknown then I shall do so………..The choice is yours good reader……….Good Day.

The Big One…………Chapter 9

                                      Kevin and his two friends had not gone far up the road away from the ocean when they crested a hill. From the top of the hill they could see the road ahead for miles but that was when all traffic ground to a halt because a huge quake rent the earth and the entire country ahead disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Kevin being the ever quick thinker that he was pulled into a small picnic area to collect his wits. The earth was shaking continuously now and nothing could be seen either of the road or country ahead. The picnic area was on top of the hill so they were able to look back over the country behind including the ocean. To their surprise except for a few puffs of smoke and gas they could see the land including the ocean. Kevin felt powerless there was simply nothing that could come to mind that would make him feel better. To the three youngsters horror as they looked out over the ocean a transformation occurred that sent rivets of shock through their very beings. The ocean suddenly resembled a huge bath tub in which someone had pulled the plug in the middle and the water swirled in circles as it seemed to drain. The quaking intensified now and smoked now obscured the vision  between them and the ocean. Suddenly a shout from behind brought Kevin out of his shock and turning he saw his friend Joel bent over the lifeless body of his girlfriend Tiffany wailing in sorrow. It seemed a crack had opened underneath her and shot a molten gas type substance all over her to the point that Joel could hardly touch her let alone recognize his lover. Looking away Kevin wiped the sweat from his face and tried hard to focus and think of what to do when suddenly a horrid shriek brought his attention back to his friends. The crack under Tiffany had expanded suddenly swallowing both Joel and her. Kevin stumbled backwards in terror from the expanding crack and an urge for action seized him suddenly sending him sprinting and dodging off across the top of the hill running for dear life.

                                         Bill Langley was coming to the end of his afternoon flight as he soared thousands of feet above the earth in his twin engine plane. He had just crossed from Nevada into California and was due to land well within a couple of hours. His first clue of problems on the ground was many puffs of smoke rising from of the ground that seemed to increase. Bill was born in Nevada but had grown up in good old California and so he knew the signs of earth quakes all too well. After trying to radio the tower three times and getting no response he became even more watchful and was able to witness ultimate history as California seemed to split away from the rest of the continent before his eyes and drop in one motion into the pacific. The smoke and dust shooting upwards was far too thick to see the ground afterwards and so he was spared the site of the rest of the ground for miles beyond California breaking up like pieces of a puzzle.

The Big One……….Chapter 8

                                       The five youngsters managed to get back to the farm house fairly quickly but things were a buzz long before they got there with friends and loved ones scrambling here and there. Buggies were being packed and heading off to various farms or homes to check on loved ones, properties and what not. A social fellowship luncheon held by the parents of Jacob and his two sisters had ended abruptly when the second quake had hit. The three girls and Jacob were pressed into service right away being sent here and there to run errands but Abe had become disengaged and was able to block everybody out. He was deeply curious as to what this quake had done and felt silently certain that this frightening event was far from over. Slipping away from the others he managed to climb the stairs of the old farm house undetected to the second floor and went to a back bedroom that looked over the back side of the farm. The land was open between the house and hill where the old barn once stood and one glance in that direction told Abe that the barn was now totally gone. There was at that moment a gripping feel of urgency that fell over the young man and he headed back down stairs to find Greta and the others and as he exited the side kitchen door and bumped into Greta the whole world began to heave and quake sending dust and a gas like substance into the air culminating in a moan from the bowels of the earth that sounded like a savage beast.  People ran and stumbled around in fevered bewilderment and large cracks burst open in the earth around them. A large well in the yard shot its water straight up in the air in one huge blast and that was when the house dropped in one motion into a large sinkhole leaving dust and mayhem of any composer that had remained amongst them.

                          Feeling a burst of inspiration Abe grabbed Greta’s hand and headed out across the nearby meadow shouting for all to follow him but only his sister came with him. They had not even gotten half way across the meadow when the folks at the house were killed by a deadly gas that belched from the cracks in the earth and the sinkhole that swallowed the house was soon to swallow their dead bodies. Abe and his sister never looked back as they rapidly crossed the meadow and climbed the hill into the woods on the other side.

                           Just as they mounted the hill and entered the woods, the meadow behind them fell away into a massive sinkhole and smoke mixed with gas filled the air. Weaving through the trees the two kept on running heading for a distant river on the other side. Trees fell here and there as the earth shifted and the soil moved under their feet making balance difficult. Finally reaching the river bank Abe left Greta at its edge to prepare the small canoe they had tied there. Turning with the small craft to bring it over to her he froze, Greta lay there over a crack that opened up under her with gas billowing all around her. Abe new she was dead and sorrow seized his very soul as he trembled and wept for his dear sister. A sudden crack brought him to his senses as the crack under his sister widened swallowing her body and all in one motion Abe dove into the canoe and was off down the river paddling towards  an area he hoped to be stable weeping, wailing and asking why………..but still……….he paddled.

The Big One…………….Chapter 7

                                         Dave Ripley never thought when he awoke that morning in his Denver apartment, had breakfast and kissed his girlfriend goodbye that he would never see her again. Neither did he realize that there was but a few hours left for the vast majority of the population of planet earth. Alas for everything there is both a start and a beginning, but these things were far from his mind now a he sent the three remaining people in his group scrambling in panic back towards the caves mouth and he turned towards the downward passage in an attempt to find the two sisters. He had not gone far as the earth shook around him continuously when the ceiling of the cave in front of him gave way burying the passage for good. Dave knew that those two young girls were doomed and so he turned running back towards the caves mouth followed by a cloud of smoke and gas. The roof of the cave network caved in behind him as he ran making his run a fevered dash. Finally managing to reach the large cave mouth beneath the towering mountain peak Dave looked down on his three remaining group members running down the mountain and to his horror, the ground split open behind them sending red lava spewing on top of them. It was so sudden that they never knew what hit them, just instant incineration. Standing now outside the mouth of the large cave network, things seemed to move in slow motion for Dave as the three disappeared under the lava a large roar came from over his head. Looking up was like a horror movie as Dave saw the massive towering peak of the mountain collapse and come plummeting straight towards him. Dave’s reaction was his only choice as he dove over the nearest ledge falling over seventy feet into the lake below. The water was fairly warm giving the current situation, and he felt the downward pull as tons of rock and earth landed around him. Suddenly seized by an instant feeling of purpose he dove to about thirty feet and swam with all his young athletic speed and ability towards an open space and uncertain future……..but still…….he swam.

The Big One……………..Chapter 6

                                    Playing around on the beach with evening now upon them was great for these three youngsters, they didn’t even notice the time pass. They did not even notice the birds in the area were remaining in the air flying in weird patterns. Tiffany finally finished the sand castle she was constructing and headed back towards the water casting her towel aside. Joel was enjoying the early evening rays with his cap tipped halfway over his face. Kevin was playing with his smart phone wondering why reception kept coming and going in such a strange fashion, the beach was getting less congested now as people headed home.

                                         Suddenly just as Tiffany got back in the water the ground gave a large heave sending dust into the air a groan coming from beneath the ground and lifting people in the water up on a wave and setting them down on wet sand as the water rushed outward. Tiffany sat there in shock as did everyone else both in the water and on the beach. All everyone could do was watch a wall of water rush out to sea leaving folks who were just in the water a second ago sitting on wet sand. Kevin and Joel finally came to their senses and ran over to Tiffany who still sat there in shock while all around them people began to rush here and there grabbing up belongings and calling to one another in worried voices.

                                  Kevin and Joel simply grabbed Tiffany who still sat there shocked and headed for the jeep catching up their other belongings in haste. Tossing everything in they squealed off down the road headed away from the beach. They were young post secondary aged kids who knew very well about disaster situations such as tsunamis that often followed earth quakes and so all though they never spoke of this, it was on all their minds as they joined a large group of vehicles racing along the road. It was then that Kevin noticed how the birds flew in a weird fashion over head.

The Big One…………Chapter 5

The ball game ended about an hour after the tremor with the girls still chatting in the afternoon sun outside the barn. Abe and Jacob emerged from its open door talking scores and stats and throwing predictions around about the next game that would take place the following day. Their attention then turned to a young dairy cow that had drifted close to the foot of the hill. Jacobs dad had recently had some difficulty with her when she dropped her last calf and so the conversation turned to that and the two youngsters walked down the hill to take a look at her and continue their conversation.

The three girls continued their talk of babies marriage and men , with no notice of the fact that a number of things had begun to happen. One such thing was that the birds over the meadow had begun to rise from the trees and fly about in a rather strange fashion remaining in the air. Secondly the ground under the their very feet was slowly shifting because deep beneath the earths surface one of the major plates was doing the same. Greta suddenly stood to her feet shouting to her brother in the valley below and as she did a large tremor shook the earth culminating in a loud groan from its depths sending dust into the air leaving the girls on the hill and young men in the valley below frozen in shock.  As the dust began to clear the girls stood looking down  into the valley at the two young men but they seemed to be looking back up , not at the girls but at something else pointing in speechless horror. The girls finally turned their gaze towards the barn where the men were pointing and froze once more in horror. The entire backside of the barn including the horse and buggy that had stood next to it were gone. In fact the entire section of the hillside was gone and had instead become what appeared to be a large gapping crater. Some sort of strange steam like substance seemed to rise out of it. The boys now stood beside the girls looking with speechless awe into the steaming crater.

Ada was the first to break the silence with a croaking, stammering attempt, ” father- father – we must go now to tell father and have him call the elders”.

Abe edged close to the crater as if trying to catch a glimpse of their horse and buggy but Greta seeing his intentions grabbed his arm hissing, ” no Abe stay back, don’t be foolish”.

Jacob seemed to come to his senses all at once and bellowed, ” come on lets get to the house, we need to tell my dad and the others”.

This seemed to light a fire of action under the youngsters and they all toke off on foot after Jacob towards the other end of the farm where the house stood. It was all good and well that they did because a few minutes later the crater swallowed the rest of the barn and a deadly steaming cocktail of gas belched from the depths of the earth killing the young dairy cow instantly.