The Big One…..Chapter 82…..Conclusion

Kevin Cross and his lovely life partner Amber Gershwin were also married the next spring before Rem Josephus and Donna Case departed for Rem’s home valley. Not long after that a number of babies were born on the valley farm and other people began to arrive and settle in the valley. One such young lady was a girl named Rachelle Collins whom Tyler Gorbel had eyes for but did not have the guts to approach. Yes Tyler had settled in nicely on the farm since being brought there by Vooch. Speaking of our good space worm friend, he always looked after young Tyler even when the youngster did not know it. In fact on one fine summers day while Rachelle lay down at the other end of the meadow sunning herself, Tyler was crouched in a stand of trees nearby trying to get a look at her. Vooch observed all of this and decided it was time to pick a mate for this young fellow. On his home planet a care taker routinely chose a mate for another by simply picking the one they cared for up and dropping them on top of the chosen one and he did exactly that much to the utter shock and horror of both Rachelle and Tyler. Vooch did not stick around to see the results because he was sure they would be fine. He was correct in the long term but the immediate result was rather rough on young Tyler as a horrified Rachelle let out a scream, leaping to her feet  punching him in the head. With the passing of time however the two fell in love and had children who were born to a loving family and a guardian from out of this world who would always watch over them.

There is one other order of business concerning the liberation of Diego Island and how it’s inhabitants would speak forever of a worm like creature from out of this world who had delivered them. The evil forces of Anson Gorbel would live on through Egor Vrolev who had taken control of the four remaining fortresses upon Gorbel’s death. They would proceed with great caution under Vrolev but would always try to conquer and control. Sanford Adams was the agent Gorbel had left in control of Diego Island and being a very brutal and controlling sociopath had mudered and rapped his way to most evil person in the minds of the islands innocent people. Andrea Alder was a beautiful young lady whom Adams had forced to be his girl friend and would regularly beat the poor lady senseless. On the day Vooch arrived he witnessed a drunken Adams drag Andrea from the house they were living in to the out house door. Diego island had lost all indoor plumbing in the quake and were still relying on out houses as toilets. After beating her to a bloody pulp she was left lying out side the door as Adams went into the out house to urinate. Vooch knew what he would do as Adams sat down on the toilet snatching up a magazine to read. All Andrea heard through the door was an echoing scream that sounded like Sanford Adams had dropped into a deep canyon. Coming to her senses following the beating she had taken, Andrea pulled open the out house door to find nothing but a deep black bottomless hole. Nothing was left between those four walls and her tormentor Sanford Adams was gone.

Vooch performed a similar task when disposing of the body of scientist Fred Casper. Dave Rippley and his girlfriend Loraine went down stairs to a vast cavern. The basement of the farm house was no more and eventually a new one was built as the current dwelling collapsed into the hole.

There is a lovely sunset on the close of this story as dusk descends upon the valley farm. It was a day like any other but on a ledge in the next valley an old creature stares skyward observing something only he can behold. Under the floor boards of a remote cabin where the console of Fred Casper was hidden it too comes to life seemingly on it’s own in response to a signal. For from a distant galaxy there approaches a group of alien ships on a mission to reclaim what is rightfully theirs. The remnants of some old ships with technology, a console with creatures and reclaim them they did all except one lone stubborn self willed worm who had chosen to stay on this earth amongst humanity. So it is that I will not say the end for we will see him again some day soon.

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