The Big One……Chapter 80

Dave Rippley  had watched Fred Casper leave with an escort of those horrible six legged creatures. His hand still held the gun inside the right coat pocket. This Casper scientist had started out as one of them and had become a nemesis to  everyone. It is funny how a man could start off with a great career so full of good intentions and then go astray in such a short time. This Special New Signal Directive Technology had made an animal out of Fred. It was literally like Dave did not even know the man anymore. The final straw for Rippley was when little Emily had been abducted. Abe and Anna’s gold mine being stolen from them was a great transgression in Dave’s eyes but taking Emily was way too much. Gorbel was a very evil man and now it seemed Casper had become the very thing he was fighting. There was a shout from the near slope where Donna and Loraine had been talking. Looking up Rippley saw the creatures dragging a seemingly drunk Fred Casper to the back door steps of the farm house. They waited there while Fred dragged himself inside as  everyone looked on in disbelief. Dave felt a quiver of excitement go through him as he listened to the banging sound of Casper’s drunk body falling down the basement steps. If there ever was a time to take care of Casper it was now. Moving towards the farm house steps Dave froze for the creatures still stood guard. No one would be able to enter the house now until Fred allowed it. A feeling of discouragement washed over the youngster. This scientist seemed to thwart their efforts at every turn. Dave grew tired of waiting over the next hour and had just turned heading to the barn when a huge rumble from the next valley shook the earth sending a massive plume of smoke and dust into the air. Right about that same time the creatures toke off in that same direction. Rippley was surprised but knew his time had arrived. Running into the house while everyone stared in the direction of Gorbels fortress mountain, Dave went down the basement stairs as quietly as possible. Casper’s door was wide open and Dave could hear muffled cursing and swearing coming from the room. Peering inside Dave saw the scientist hunched over his console very upset. It seemed he had lost control of the creatures. Dave knew what must be done regardless and all in one motion aimed and fired his gun sending Caspers head with it’s contents all over the wall.

Rem Josephus had often spoken of a remote valley not far away where there was a large cabin. It did not take the youngster long to collect the console with all it’s trappings including a case with many devices in it. With the people still gathered outside wondering about what had just happened in the next valley he was able to slip away. It toke him a couple hours to reach this remote cabin and entering the building could tell no one had been there for a long time. Prying a couple floor boards up the youngster hid the technology there and headed back. Vooch saw all of this and kindly disposed of the scientists body.

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