The Big One…………………………………..Chapter 24

                                                           Fred Casper was more than happy to be living in his own corner of the farm house basement now that the three girls and himself were getting situated in their new home in the Colorado mountains. There had been a quick trip back to the ship in their helicopter to get more supplies including extra fuel for the bird but the girls were busy getting to know their knew friends. Fred loved the privacy of the basement. The relationship he had with the girls was bonded through a mutual love of science. The girls however had no clue that there was much more to these ocean voyages than just science research. Casper was also working on weapons development for the CIA and Pentagon, a joint venture that had him testing weapons ideas never known to humanity and this made such an operation a matter of utmost secrecy. The government paid Fred well for his efforts but he had come to hate having such silence and secrecy hanging over his life. This  disaster that had recently befallen the entire world was most likely a game changer for him but it would take time before he knew if there was any government officials still alive and to what extent they where operational. Turning now to the steel suitcase on his bed he hesitantly opened the lid and toke out the first of seven highly effective weapons he had tested, holding it in his hands. To the human eye it looked like a most beautiful butterfly that resembled the colors of a stained glass window. It was about the size of Fred’s palm but could fly by what was called new special signal directive to any spot in the world and transmit all manner of information back to Fred. There was also a deadly capability to this device in that it could attach inself to any creature or structure and blow it up. Fred turned now to the other butterflies, he had sixty in all but these were only one of several small weapons tests he had tested. There was a second one that had been a favorite of his, the pentagon had named it the tremor toad. This palm sized nuclear powered toad shaped device could burrow a couple of hundred feet below the earth and move anywhere at over two hundred miles per hour. It’s ability to penetrate almost any substance made the tremor toad a first in it’s class and had been used a year earlier when the United Nations had feared that Chernobyl was becoming a bigger problem than was being admitted. Fred had sent the toad to gather and find out the truth and the operation was successful. This little weapon also possessed the capability of self destruction that could cause a blast of nuclear proportions. It also came with a self sustaining system that allowed it to maintain it’s operation using any earthly substance. Casper had helped to invent all of the weapons he had tested and so he had full knowledge of their operations and capability. The deadly and serious nature of this responsibility weighed on his mind daily. He was preparing to look at his other test subjects when the house door opened and closed hard bringing him out of his thoughts. He quickly closed the case and put it back under the bed and hurried upstairs to find his friends carrying the unconscious body of Kevin Cross upstairs to his room.

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