The Big One Chapter 11………Continuing On

                                                           It had been a couple of days now since the entire world had rumbled and broken apart, spewing gas and other such things into the air and leaving not so much as a shadow of former things in it’s wake. Dave Ripley now lay on what he thought may well be a small bit of what remained of the entire world. He had swam with all of his might after plunging off of the mountain side into the lake and seeing the mountain peak plummeting towards him. He had swam in many a competition in previous years but never like he did with rock and such crashing into the water around him causing a huge downward pull in the small lake. At one point he had reached what seemed to be all the fish in the lake swirling in a circle of crazed confusion and had been bruised all over his body by many of the larger ones that had slammed into him in their haste. Then there was the terrible site as he came up for breath and looked towards the shoreline in time to hear an eerie shriek as three female deer ran along the bank on fire in desperate search for relief from their agony. Such sites and sounds would never be forgotten by this young man and he tried now to push them from his mind as he sat beneath the remains of an old tree on an island surrounded by the lake and ruined upheaved and flooded land. Gas still spewed into the air afar off here and there but other than that there was nothing but silence, an eerie silence that seemed to put his very soul into a state of mourning. Dave tried to clear his head and shake the feeling by staggering around to gather wood for a fire. He had swam clean up onto this place by accident and a quick look around had told him that there was really no where else to go. One night shivering under the stars was no fun for the young man but by the end of the second day he was rewarded for his troubles when he came upon the abandoned tent with food and camping supplies.