The Big One………..Chapter 76

Abe Yoder and Anna were in deep sorrow following the disappearance of their sweet little adopted daughter Emily. There was no desire to either sleep or eat and they never stopped searching for the little girl or calling her name. There was no concern for their own safety because the only desire was to see little Emily again and hold her close. It was as they headed for the outer rim of the valley that Fred Casper came into site accompanied by those ugly creatures. The two said nothing to one another but simply kept their distance while following him out of the valley. It was not until climbing the opposite slope and coming to a large plateau that they saw what Casper was after. Laying on the ground was what appeared to be that huge worm the two had seen some time ago at the gold mine. The six legged creatures stopped and refused to go any closer not wanting anything to do with this worm. Fred Casper was the only one to go near and that was when the worm like creature raised it’s head letting out the loudest belch like sound that sent the scientist backwards onto the ground. Casper lay there for a while and then began to make an attempt to rise and could not. He seemed to thrash around like a drunk and his attempts to speak were slurred.

“My God said Abe, is he drunk”?

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