The Big One Chapter….75

Dave Rippley knew now more than ever what he must do very soon. After little Emily had been taken there had been a an outburst of emotion on the valley farm that had sent search parties far and wide coming up with nothing. There was no foot prints to be found or articles of clothing. Dave had participated in this endeavor but had known all along that the very person responsible for this evil was likely crouched over his console in the farm house basement planning his next move. Anson Gorbel was a militant tyrant but this scientist had become very powerful with this space technology and was now slowly taking control of their lives and likely the entire world. This would occur once he had disposed of Gorbel but maybe the two would join forces. The youngster felt confident that he would get a chance to take Casper out but would likely have to wait until Anson and his band of agents had been killed or neutralised some how. Leaning against the barn door Dave felt in his coat pocket for the fifty seven magnum with two extra clips of bullets. He kept these for any danger that may arise including the chance he may get some day to take out mister Casper. Rippley listened now to a conversation between Rem Josephus and Kevin Cross about trying to find little Emily and the sound of an explosion that had happened a couple of days back. Abe and Anna had also had a stand off with two of Casper’s creatures and everyone was feeling very boxed in now by these space beasts.

There was a creaking noise as the back porch door of the farm house opened and Fred Casper came bounding out to head up the ridge. Rippley thought this may be a good time to follow and take out the scientist but two things stopped him dead in his tracks. One was the thought that Anson Gorbel must first be stopped. The second was that Casper had an escort of five six legged creatures about him. This was now another factor to consider, Fred Casper knew he was no longer safe on the valley farm hence a chance to take him out could be much harder than young Rippley ever imagined.

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