The Big One Chapter…..74

Anson Gorbel felt like a kid in a candy store for a number of reasons. First was that he had his scientists hunting for biological clues regarding that huge space worm that had stopped him from killing his nephew Tyler. The second element to his giddy happiness was that on this very day they would attack the valley settlement that contained some fifteen hundred people and wipe them out. This would leave their female leader who probably knew about that scientist Fred Casper on the valley farm and she would have no choice but to spill it.

Vooch was very bored but felt for some reason that he must watch Tyler Gorbel who seemed to have settled in nicely. His friend Tristin had gone down to the village bucket in hand and was about to come back up. Vooch saw many things with his third eye and that was what saved young Tyler in the nick of time. The space worm saw the missile and drone all at once and shot under ground in a blur of speed snatching young Tyler who stood near the cabin door shouting to his friend who had just began to ascend the hill. Vooch caught the youngster by his leg dragging him off quickly into the bushes away from the cabin where he lived and town that would soon be gone. The lad was in utter shock and simply thrashed about as the creature dragged him along but soon began to scream and shout in alarm. Vooch barley had the boy into the thick brush when there was a loud swooshing noise followed by a heavy explosion that shock the entire mountain obliterating the valley settlement.

The village leader Belinda Grace was the only one home in her cabin above the valley settlement when the missile struck. She was hurled across the kitchen against the opposite wall and lay there stunned after impact. Her first concern was for her son Tristan who had gone down to the village for some cooking supplies. She also worried about her new adopted son Tyler who was near by running an errand. Struggling to her feet she stumbled to the door trying to clear away the persistent ringing noise that trauma can bring to ones ears. Upon opening the door she could hear approaching helicopters but one look down the trail made her freeze in horror. Dragging himself along with both hands was her son Tristan  his legs blown off and hair matted in debris, blood poring from what remained of two ears. Belinda trembled in disbelief clasping hands over her mouth wanting try cry out in unbelievable inner agony. Gorbel and four of his operatives came up through the smoky trail behind her son’s sprawled body and she had never seen such evil eyes like those of Anson Gorbel’s. He simply looked at Tristan’s sprawled bloody body and spoke casually as if appraising a ball game that had just ended.

“So this nice little hamlet in the mountains comes to an end in one terrible day no?! I mean there really seems to be nothing left down below and this son of yours seems about ready to cash in his chips at any moment”.

Anson was a veteran of many armed conflicts and was a master of psychology who could read people very well. That is why it only toke one look into the eyes of this wonderful yet heart broken woman to see that she would never help him no matter what he did. That dark and sadistic rage boiled up inside Gorbel while he pulled his gun walking casually over to Tristan.

“Well I hope since your off spring is about to cash in his chips that he is square with the house”!

Anson’s gun roared and young Tristan’s body lay lifeless. Belinda gasped in unbelievable agony and turned away seemly caught up in a sweet melody that her grand mother used to sing. It brought a wonderful and sudden blanket of peace over her soul that embraced her from the cruel agony of her situation helping her rise above. She too hummed that melody fully embracing it until Gorbel’s next bullet toke her life as well and she was once again with Tristan and her loved ones.

Vooch saw all of this and was having a time of his own with Tyler who lay there in the coils of this space worm crying. The creature watched this in utter awe for he had never beheld something so lovely. There was a wonderful soul of beauty in this young human that touched him to his very core. Vooch had a life span expectancy of about fifteen hundred human years. He was now about four hundred and fifty years of age and had lived in two different galaxies. The planet he had come from had three suns and seven moons. There were nights when earth would be in line with his home galaxy and he could look towards his home dreaming of days gone past. He knew that some day soon the ships would find their lost technology and come reclaim it. He however upon beholding the beauty and soul that could exist in humanity, more importantly this boy had decided to stay on planet earth.

Looking down now at Tyler he was met by the tear filled gaze of this youngster who raised his hand to touch Vooch’s head while he spoke in a heart broken voice.

“I want to thank you for saving me twice now because there is no doubt in my heart that I would be dead if it wasn’t for you”.

Vooch felt a warmth in his heart for this boy he had never experienced in his whole life. Lifting the lad to his feet he toke him back to the cabin that was still intact following the explosion. Gorbel and his agents had searched the cabin and were now long gone. The creature helped Tyler bury his two friends and stayed with him for a day or so. Vooch was aware of what Casper had done in the other valley and so taking the lad to the valley farm would be out of the question for now. He would first go visit that brewery he had wanted to explore for some time and then deal with that evil Gorbel. After that he would see to  Casper who was now showing a mentality similar to that of Gorbel. All these things would be seen to with full retribution very shortly.




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