The Big One Chapter…….73

Fred Casper was feeling outrage when Vooch had foiled his plan to have Dave Rippley confronted by one of the creatures. Although he had not attended Rippley’s little back porch meeting Casper was well aware of what had been discussed and was not at all pleased. All Fred had wanted to do was put the fear of God in the youngster but that pain in the ass Vooch had showed up to ruin things. Since then Casper had done two things to establish control over what he felt could get out of hand. Firstly he had a few of his six legged creatures secure the gold mine originally found by Abe Yoder and little Emily. Secondly he had sort of had little Emily removed from the picture temporarily by having a couple of his creatures take her to a remote location where she could be seen to for a while. There was a sly smile on his face as he thought about these two things he had just had done. Control was key for any person with intentions of success in this brave new world. People must know who is boss and he would be such a person with control of both gold and technology. His thoughts were disturbed suddenly as a  distant explosion broke the late evening silence. It was indeed far away probably on the other side of Gorbel’s fortress mountain but it still brought Casper to his feet. The scientist stood there his mind racing wondering what that CIA fascist was up to now.

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