The Big One…..Chapter 72

Kevin Cross and his girlfriend Amber were not surprised by what they heard at the back porch meeting held by one Dave Rippley. Following the quake that had brought about the destruction of the world they had lived in, wiping out over ninety five percent of it’s population nothing came as a shock anymore. Kevin was actually relieved to know that he was not the only one to experience encounters with creatures from out of this world. That is why when Abe and Anna asked Amber and himself to look after little Emily for a while he gladly accepted. It would be nice to play some games and get on about the business of living now that everyone seemed to be more or less on the same page. The rest of the day was spent playing ball in the meadow, chasing about and as supper time drew near they were joined by Rem Josephus and Donna Case for a large game of hide and seek. Little Emily loved this game and was almost always hard to find when it was her turn to hide. That is why everyone was not at all concerned when she could not be found right away. Within the next five minutes however there was a building feeling of fear when everyone began to call her name in increasingly panicked tones spreading out through the woods. It was not long before Abe and Anna returned home to join the others. There was a natural suspicion regarding Gorbel and his band of agents who had once taken Dave Rippley but no one could really know for sure. There was only two individuals who really would have knowledge of such a thing. One would be the person who orchestrated the act and there was a second creature who pretty much saw everything that happened  by the name of Vooch.

Kevin on the other hand scrambled through the woods with the others and upon becoming perplexed to the point of his wits end exploded into another one of his emotional outbursts.



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