The Big One …………………….Chapter 71

Abe Yoder and his love Anna were not surprised by what they had heard at the back porch meeting. During this time Dave Rippley had explained in depth everything that had been going on in terms of encounters with strange creatures from start to finish. Anna did later admit to Abe that if they had not run into that oversized strange worm like creature, she would have had a much harder time believing what Dave had told them. Following this meeting Abe and Anna decided to take another trip to the goldmine that he and little Emily had discovered. The little girl had decided to stay home to hang out with Kevin and Amber who would play games and generally keep her entertained. The afternoon sun was bright but a cool fall wind was now blowing as they walked with jackets on to a place not far from the mine where they kept a few tools concealed. Dave Rippley was the only other person besides the little girl who knew about this place and they both wanted to keep it that way for now.  There did not seem to be anything wrong upon approaching the broken mountain that contained the molten gold mine. It was when they began to mount the pathway that would lead them to the hidden opening that the two froze in their tracks.  Standing near the opening was five of the ugliest six legged creatures that looked like they had just climbed up from the bowels of hell. The two youngsters were so horrified that they could not move or speak just stand there in horror. Abe was finally able to mumble something in a low tone.

“Prophecy it’s like the words of the old bible prophets who spoke of the horrors of the last days has come true”.

Emily simply gripped Abe’s hand whispering in his ear with a voice of stiff fear.

“Abe come on lets go, lets just go and warn the others”.

Both backed away slowly with the creatures making no move to approach them or follow. The walk back to the house was quick and knowing what they knew about Casper’s technology it was not hard to figure out what had happened. Fred had discovered this mine probably by having his creatures follow them and was now telling them in no uncertain terms that this gold was now his.

The even bigger shock of fear was when they got back to the farm house to find everyone in the woods shouting for little Emily who had gone missing.


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