The Big One………….Chapter 70

Dave Rippley had a meeting on the back steps the morning following his experience with Abe,Anna and little Emily at the gold mine. By this time everyone at the meeting had experienced something with the creatures that were under the control of Fred Casper’s special new signal directive. These creatures were literally from out of this world and so any contact or encounter would be very traumatizing to say the least. Dave was aware of most things Fred Casper knew and so starting with the ships crashing in Roswell New Mexico he toke the gathering through the years to special new signal directive and it’s involvement in their present lives. This also included their enemy in the neighbouring mountain fortress and how young Rippley had been taken and roughed up by Anson Gorbel and his agents then rescued by the tremor toad at the direction of Casper’s console. He also laid out the happenings at Diego Island and how Casper had learned of Gorbel’s invasion of the place and that Anson Gorbel had plans of world domination coupled with the annihilation of any people or person that opposed him. Having filled in the blanks for this gathering that listened mostly in silence this meeting ended with folks drifting off silently in various directions. Dave knew that Casper who had not attended this meeting would not be happy with what he had just done. There would be some sort of threat or vengeance aimed at young Rippley and he knew it. Dave decided to take a walk in an effort to clear his head. His memory of what had happened near the valley rim not long ago was still fresh in his mind and so he stayed near the farm in the main valley area. Without thinking however he walked around back of the largest barn and found himself alone. Thinking nothing of this he paused stretching and letting out a relaxed yawn. It was when he was in full stretch and mid yawn that he heard a familiar reptilian croak and froze on the spot. Not even ten feet from where he stood was one of those six legged creatures that Casper had tasked with guarding the upper rim of the valley against Gorbel and his agents. Virtually paralyzed with fear Dave stumbled backwards his back thumping up against the barn seeing now that this hideous creature was accompanied by about ten others. He knew they would not be here if Casper had not sent them and so speaking through clenched teeth he let Casper know this.

” You may control these creatures Casper but you will never control us”.

This statement had barely left his lips when the first creature he had seen moved in placing one huge claw on the barn wall next to Dave’s head where he could see the poison leaking from the talons. It then brought it’s ugly head with seven eyes not three inches from his nose exposing young Rippley to the most terrible unearthly and hideous breath he had ever inhaled. Dave began to gag as it’s twelve foot tongue came out of it’s mouth slowly and maliciously coiling around Dave’s neck. He closed his eyes tight every fibre of the young lad’s being preparing for the worst. It was then that the unexpected happened. Dave heard the other creatures give a croak of shock and opening his eyes could see that his assailant had with drawn his tongue from around his neck. What happened next was instant as Vooch came out of the ground catching the creature near Dave by one of his legs hurling him through the air into the trees. The other creatures uttered a collective grunt of shock and toke off. Dave stood there trembling hardly able to stand while Vooch simply looked at him with boredom and with a sigh was off once more knowing with satisfaction that there was a very pissed off scientist holding the special knew signal directive console who had once again been cut down to size.

Dave did not know much about those terrible creatures but one thing was certain. They certainly knew who that huge space worm was and wanted no part of him.


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