The Big One………..Chapter 69

Anson Gorbel was smarting badly from the devastating defeat that had been dealt to his force of agents by Fred Casper’s special new signal directive technology creatures.  While many of histories warriors would have long ago given up, Anson continued to gather his agents around him to brainstorm for options. This man possessed a very deep and dark evil  that would never suffer defeat let alone give up. He knew what the next move would be thanks to his  Russian buddy and former KGB agent Egor Vrolev.  Egor had been monitoring the valley settlement on the opposite side of the fortress mountain. This place had about one thousand five hundred people in it including what appeared to be women and children. Gorbel felt certain that these folks would have information about the valley farm run by that pain in the ass Fred Casper and most likely could tell them a thing or two about special new signal directive. This time however there would be no blunders or mistakes. It appeared the leader of this bunch was a woman and her teenaged son who lived in a hill side dwelling up the hill a way. They would wait until she went to do her usual cooking and baking for the villagers below, that usually toke place in the evening. A quick missile strike would take care of any villagers or technology that could foil Gorbel’s plan. They would then swoop in by helicopter to search the area while having a little chat with this village leader. A very evil smile creased the corners of Gorbel’s mouth as he thought of the instant victory this would bring him and of course the statement this could make to inhabitants of the valley farm. Gorbel would have his people watch a few days more just in case there was other intel to gather and then make his move.

Vooch followed Anson Gorbel’s nephew Tyler to where he finally ran into the people of that valley settlement with the woman leader who lived in a hillside dwelling above the village. These people had come together following the quake and worked very well with one another building a good living place complete with a means to survive. Belinda Grace was the name of their leader and she lived with her teenage son Tristan in a cabin nestled on a little land bench that looked over their village settlement. Tyler and Tristan hit it off right away and quickly became like brothers helping one another with chores and such as Tyler now lived with this small family.

Vooch had planned to go and explore an abandoned brewery not far away but upon leaving Fred Casper he suddenly felt for some reason that he should stay close to Tyler Gorbel and watch over him. He watched now as visitors came and went from the home of Belinda Grace to bring gifts and ask advice. They all seemed to stand out side after knocking on the door waiting for someone to open it. This was just one of many things Vooch could never understand about these human’s . Why did they not just simply bash through a wall?


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