The Big One…………Chapter 68

Fred Casper was very worried about the fact he had released Vooch because he could not find him on the special new signal directive console. All technology or beings as they were called in the laboratory, where brought into subjection to the console before activation. Casper lay on his bed in the farm house basement with eyes on his console and mind scrambling for answers. He thought it would be good even if he could see the creature at least from a distance in order to get some sort of fix on his where bouts. With his eyes growing heavy Fred lay the console aside and settled down for some sleep.

Casper got his wish for a fix on the location of Vooch in the vey next second as he crashed through the basement wall sending Casper sprawling in shock to land on the floor. Casper lay there a few seconds stunned beyond belief before looking over to see Vooch staring at him through those large eyes that made him look sleepy. There was only one difference in that the large worm actually appeared to have a smirk on his face. This was enough to instill outrage in the usually calm scientist as the words sputtered from his mouth.

“VOOCH YOU SON OF A BITCH”, Casper dove for his fifty seven magnum as he said this but the creature was gone in a flash leaving a large hole in the wall with dirt and mud pilled high on Casper’s bed.

Casper was a very smart man and knew there must be a way to get a visual on this creature. Without any further thought he was up the stairs, standing on the back porch while scanning the surrounding farm for any sign of this pain in the ass he had inflicted on himself. Donna Case and Rem Josephus came from the barn area where they had been quietly living together for some time now. Kevin Cross and Amber Gershwin had been sitting on the porch when he came out but Casper had ignored them in his haste and they had simply gone into the house. Fred felt that maybe Rem and Donna could help him and so jumping off the porch he headed across the field toward them. That was when Vooch came up from under the ground right in front of him and Casper was so stunned that he hesitated and the creature disappeared. Donna and Rem both saw this and gave a shout of surprise. Casper simply looked down the hole and turned to the other two who once again pointed behind the scientist. Casper turned to see Vooch once again staring at him with that smirk. This angered Fred to no end who was now starting to feel humiliated in the presence of Donna and Rem. Pointing his gun was pointless because Vooch simply disappeared. Giving a sigh of impatience Fred turned and began to explain about this creature to the two and taking a step toward them his leg dropped into a sink hole landing Fred on his face. He tried to get up but when he did something grabbed his leg that was in the hole pulling him downward so that his head was all that showed with one flailing arm. Annoyance was now giving way to panic as Donna and Rem ran to pull him out and it toke some time before Vooch let go of Fred’s foot. They did get Fred’s foot out and pulled him away from the hole where he tried once more to explain while he sat on the ground.

Now Vooch was a creature not of this world that possessed many capabilities inside and out. He surfaced one more time that day to bid the scientist farewell for now. With Fred sitting on the ground Vooch came up right between his knees and looked the scientist directly in the eye. His reappearance was of great surprise to all and his departure was one of disgust as he barfed up a large pile of green slime right next to the scientists crotch a kind of going away present and oh what a wretched stench.


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