The Big One………..Chapter 67

Kevin Cross had seen and experienced many crazy things since the quake that had made him rather emotionally tender of late. This most recent episode had come when he and his girlfriend Amber Gershwin had been playing catch in the meadow near the tree lined slope. Kevin had gone up the slope a ways to retrieve the ball when a large lump heaved up the ground chasing Kevin back down the incline tipping trees over in it’s wake. A few of their friends had passed by before this but were too far away by the time it occurred. Kevin and Amber toke a while to calm down  and sat in the meadow for some time talking and holding one another. This had not only upset Kevin but Amber was shaken by this entire situation. The two finally agreed to head back to the farm house and tell someone and so keeping their eyes open for any signs of whatever it was that had troubled the two, they hesitantly walked towards the house.

About this very time Vooch had just got done freaking out Abe and friends except his little pal Emily. He was headed now for the farm house to pay his good bud Fred Casper a surprise visit. He was traveling about one hundred feet below ground when , what do you know. There was those two excitable youngsters that had gotten so upset not long ago on the slope. He really felt it would be rude to just pass under their feet without paying them another visit.

Kevin and Amber were only about fifty yards from the house when out of the ground in front of them sprang a large worm like creature. It had large eyes half open as if it would rather be asleep topped by bushy brows. It appeared to be about four feet long and a couple feet in width. Tilting it’s head to one side it stared at them with passive boredom. The two youngsters reacted pretty much the same as they had on the slope with Amber rendered speechless this time stumbling backwards while gasping, hands clasped over her mouth. Kevin was horrified but stood there a moment before launching into one of his out bursts.


Vooch simply gave another sigh of boredom and continued on his way to see Casper. These humans really could get so worked up over a little friendly visit. His visit with Casper however would be somewhat less than such.


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