The Big One……………..Chapter 66

Abe Yoder was thrilled that Dave Rippley had agreed to go along with Anna, Emily and himself because they needed a smart young person like Dave to help out. They had things fairly well in hand as far as the gold mine was concerned but Abe had always believed young Rippley to be a smart able bodied man who was wise in many ways beyond his years. He hoped that there would be an end to animosities between Dave and the scientist Fred Casper. The Amish lad liked them both and wished beyond all things that peace would prevail everywhere so that humanity could rebuild and move on. It did not take long to reach the mine and set about working. The other gold bars that had been set to cool had done so and about fifty others were now set to do the same. Abe was right about Dave who instantly showed some better ideas about working smarter instead of harder. A couple of hours went past and Emily lost interest in the work and was allowed to play outside so long as she did not wander too far. Another hour went bye and Anna went outside to check on Emily before they headed home while Dave and Abe finished a last minute task. They could all hear the little girl laughing and talking but thought it nothing as little children often had active imaginations.

It was a scream of fear from Anna that brought the two young men running outside to see little Emily petting the head of what appeared to be a large worm like creature with big round eyes topped by sagging eye lids that made the creature look like it would rather be asleep. The creature tilted it’s head to one side as if looking at the screaming Anna Colbenze for the first time. Emily continued petting this large worm until pulled away by Anna who instructed her to run in the opposite direction. Vooch gave a sigh of boredom and was gone in a flash under ground to check out some large steel structures he had seen a few valleys away. He also wanted to stop bye to bug that Casper human on his way over. Yes he could use some tormenting ,given his arrogant ways and could be taken down a few notches sooner rather than later.


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