The Big One……………………..Chapter 65

Dave Rippley was in a mental fog after his confrontation with Fred Casper that ended with the youngster leaving Casper’s living quarters at gun point. Dave knew he must tell the others everything and leave nothing out regardless of what Casper thought. Sitting on the farm house porch his mind drifted back to horrors he had been told about and seen first hand. Shudders of terror went through him as thoughts of those terrible creatures from another galaxy came to mind. Dave did not even notice Abe Yoder , Anna and little Emily standing there staring with eyes full of sympathy and inquisitiveness.

“Dave are you okay, I mean we heard all that commotion downstairs and hope everything is alright”?

Young Rippley shock his head in resignation, ” I’m fine and so is Fred but I need you folks to get everyone together at some point because I have something to tell you all”.

Abe nodded in understanding, ” okay but in the mean time we would like you to come with us because we want to show you something”.

Feeling that it may be a good thing to get his mind off of the present unpleasantness for  the moment Dave agreed to go with them and so off they went.  Passing across the meadow on route to Abe’s gold mine they saw Kevin and Amber playing catch near the opposite slope and waved. They were too far away by the time Vooch chased Kevin down the slope from the tree line and only heard distant shouts. Vooch however saw them and although he wanted to bother Fred Casper decided to follow them when he was done with these two screaming youngsters. These humans could get very excited at times over nothing but a little fun.


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