The Big One……………………..Chapter 63

Fred Casper had done the first of three things he felt needed to be accomplished that day by releasing the six legged creatures from their containment units.  There was about two hundred of these containers not far away but another eight hundred were in New Mexico not far from where the ships had crashed decades earlier. These eight hundred had not been released but this could be done as the others had been by Casper’s special new signal directive console. Fred was reaching for the steel container to do the second task he intended to do when foot steps recklessly ascended the basement stairs and his door burst open.  Dave Rippley was in the room in one swift stride his right fist coming up quickly catching a very stunned Fred Casper in the jaw. Casper slammed backwards into the wall, the container clanging to the floor. Dave grabbed him by the front of his shirt, pulling Casper up and hammering the shocked scientist against the wall speaking through clenched teeth.

” You sick son of a bitch , what have you done? What are those hideous creatures up there on the ridge? You are turning this world into a freak show that will be out of control. Those sort of creatures could easily annihilate the human race before we ever get a chance to rebuild our planet”.

Slowly coming out of the daze the punch had put him in, Casper shook his head and thought for a moment. He then simply looked at the young lad who still held a firm grip on his shirt and spoke slowly.

” Well Dave you and I are the only two who know about what we face from Anson Gorbel. The others know something is up but you are the only one who has been in that fortress and felt his wrath. Surely there is some smarts in that head of yours. You know very well what his plans are for us and the rest of this world and they are not pretty”.

Dave had heard enough, he gripped Casper’s shirt even harder and brought his face even with Fred’s.

” This kind of alien freak business in not the answer, once we are done with Gorbel’s bunch those things will find a way to control us surely you know that”.

Fred Casper was a few decades older than Dave but he had trained with the CIA while learning about the new special signal directive technology and knew how to handle himself. He liked this youngster and for that reason gave him a warning.

” Dave I am asking you only once to let go of me and get out of here, you are not thinking properly and I don’t have time for this”.

If the youngster had not been so controlled by emotional outrage he would have noticed the dead serious look in Fred’s eyes but he did not. Casper moved with quick precision sideways bringing a straight blow to the side of Rippley’s head. It was Dave’s turn to sit on the floor stunned and when he looked up the barrel of a fifty seven magnum starred back at him. Casper’s voice was very cold as he gave instructions to the youngster.

” You need to leave now and don’t ever come down here again or try anything like you have pulled tonight or I promise you will be sorry”.

Rippley slowly picked himself up from the floor and climbed the stairs. One thing he now must do would be to tell the others the whole story of what was going on no matter what Casper thought. He also knew what he must do sooner or later no matter what anyone thought.

Dave was not even half way up the stairs when Casper closed his door and opened his window to continue with the day’s second undertaking. Picking up the steel container he had dropped Fred held it out the window pushing a button on the side. A very thick mist like substance floated upward into the sky to form in a cloud at high altitude with orders from the console to wait for the drones of Anson Gorbel. Casper knew of Gorbel’s plan to attack the valley and everything was now in place to foil his intentions.

There was then only one last thing Casper had to do that  he considered to be a sort of insurance for extra surveillance. It would become the greatest error of his entire life that would cause the scientist endless annoyance and frustration that would know no end.

Vooch was a four and a half foot long and two foot wide worm from another galaxy who had come to earth on the ships that had crashed in New Mexico decades earlier. Casper and his fellow scientist had named him from the galaxy  they believed he had come from Vocon. The type of species he was of was call the Gooch. Vooch was the compromise they had therefore arrived at for his name. The things that were known about this creature was unbelievable. He had capabilities to tunnel through any substance at a steady pace that would make the worlds largest mining companies green with envy. He had large round dark eyes with heavy eye lids that made him look like he would rather be asleep. There was also his third eye capability that allowed him to see above ground even when he was far bellow. Little did they know but be could also hear from far bellow enabling him to pin point any target from far away and he could also be very lazy. There is not room enough in this story to speak of the capabilities of this creature but I will tell you some things Casper should have known and would not have released him from his containment nearby if he had knowledge of such things. Vooch was from a species of creature that were very self willed. In fact they had nothing but contempt for any sort of authority and when allowed to be on their own could render themselves invisible to all technology including the console of Mister Fred Casper. If these types of creatures did not like you they would not simply leave you alone but instead would torment that poor individual as Fred Casper would soon find out because Vooch had never liked him. Upon being let out of his containment Vooch headed straight for the valley farm encountering a young man and lady playing catch. He thought it neat to join them and so he did but they did not seem too happy about his visit. Oh well he would simply have to go bother Casper.


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