The Big One…………………………….Chapter 62

Kevin Cross and his girlfriend Amber Gershwin spent time trying to relax and get their minds on nicer things. Odd incidents had been happening and everyone was aware of how prone Kevin was to calamity and other strange happenings. No one doubted reports of strange things anymore around the valley farm as everyone knew that things were just not normal. Amber and Kevin were out in the meadow playing catch not far from the tree filled slope. The young lady had a very good arm but was not the best at catching the ball. Kevin on the other hand was athletic and could do both very well. The two youngsters laughed as they ran to catch and throw again. One ball finally sailed over Amber’s head and landed well up the slope amongst the trees. Kevin ran after it while Amber watched with a smile and it did not take long for the young man to reach it. She laughed as he pick up the ball raising it above his head as if some great victory had been won. Her smile suddenly turned to a look of horror as the ground about one hundred feet behind him heaved into a large hump and began moving towards the young man. Kevin noticed her changed expression and turned to see the moving mass with trees tipping towards him like a bunch of dominoes as it came. His first reaction was to freeze in shock but a scream from Amber brought him to action and he turned running at top speed down the slope shouting as he did.


Amber saw this all unfolding in disbelief and her knees felt weak but she too could not contain her emotions screaming, “OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING”?!


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