The Big One………………………………Chapter 61

The Amish youngster  Abe Yoder wasted no time showing the lovely Anna Colbenze around the valley farm. There was also the discovery that he and little Emily had made inside a mountain not far from the valley full of liquid gold. Abe knew that humanity would take a very long time to recover from the recent global disaster but when this did come to pass, there would be commerce once more. The two talked about how to cool and make bars of the gold as little Emily listened with surprising interest. Diego island was a good eight hundred thousand people, surely even now there must be some sort of trade amongst those folks. Abe was sure that the island was now controlled by the force that had attacked it but hoped they would be free once more some day to live in peace. It did not take the two youngsters long to rig up a cooling area with a number of molds to make gold bars. They succeeded in setting about fifteen gold pieces to cool and then headed back to the valley farm. Anna and Abe had agreed to keep this a secret but had also felt that an extra pair of hands would help and Dave Rippley was just the person they needed. Approaching the house Abe smiled as they saw Dave coming from the upper valley rim at a fast trot and started towards him. It was not until he was within about fifty feet of Rippley that a feeling of concern toke hold. Dave’s face looked as if he has seen a ghost or at least some other terrible site. Plunging past Abe as if he had not even noticed the Amish youngster, Rippley flew onto the porch and into the house. The three stood there in shock as they could hear the basement door fly open and crashing foot steps ascending to Fred Casper’s living quarters. What they heard next gave them a start as there was a louder sound of Casper’s bedroom door being kicked open followed by shouts accompanied by thumping and crashing sounds.


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