The Big One……………………….Chapter 60

They were creatures of old from literally another galaxy, lite years from this planet that had been brought to earth in containment units aboard the ships that had crashed in New Mexico.  They now found themselves subject to the console controls of one Fred Casper and had been instructed to patrol the hillside near the outer rim of the valley. Their skin was able to change making them blend in to any surroundings thus making them hard to detect. They could run on all six legs at very high speed or simply two hind legs when needed. There were close to a thousand of them but only a couple hundred had been dispatched by Casper so far. They were about the size of a large bear and had razor sharp claws on each foot about nine inches long that shot highly toxic slime into a victim when scratched. This hideous substance would enter the victim’s system causing immediate illness until they eventually exploded. The mouths on these creatures did not seem like much until they opened them exposing a full set in three layers deep of razor sharp teeth, each about four inches long. The tongues in these beasts were horrific to behold indeed with a very sharp spear like end that could shoot out over six metres, wrapping around a victim to pull them into that terrible mouth.

The morning was cool with fall coming on but Dave Rippley had much on his mind and felt it comforting to take a walk. So much had happened with the funeral of his friend and then there was Kevin Cross and his girlfriend who had gone for a walk and come back claiming that the farm was invisible from the rim of the valley where it was normally in full view. No one had really thought much of this news but Dave knew in the back of his mind that Mister Casper and his magical bag of space tricks probably had something to do with it. Being the only one in the valley who knew about Casper’s technology he had seen some of these things that would make a persons blood run cold. Dave was not far from the rim of the valley when he noticed the birds were no longer singing in fact there did not even seem to be any insect activity. There was a sudden noise in the grass nearby that made him freeze. It sounded like some sort of mutant reptile or dinosaur from a sci fi movie. There it was again to his left and then to the right and suddenly behind him. It was like his eyes had been blind and opened to see for the first time for all around him stood the most hideous six legged creatures with about seven reptile like eyes in their heads. The youngster froze, with blood pounding in his ears and heart about to burst in his bosom. One of them suddenly stepped closer turning its head to the side as if to get a better look while rising on two back legs with big ugly face not even three feet from Dave’s. Rippley felt very helpless like a meal about to be consumed to be exact and closed his eyes tight preparing for the worst. He then heard a large and loud reptilian croak that sounded like some sort of order and opening his eyes found himself alone once more.


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