The Big One……………….Chapter 58

Fred Casper felt very sad after the funeral of Bill Langley for he had always felt that Bill was much the same as himself when it came to intellect. Fred had stayed in his basement hide away much of the time but was planning to involve Langley in matters of leadership in days to come. Langley had been an excellent pilot and so Fred had not hesitated to lend his air craft to him and his amish friend for their recent trip to Diego Island. Bill had been one of only a couple of folks who tried to befriend Casper but was rejected due to the secrets Fred felt must be protected. Laying on his bed in the farm house basement Casper could not help but smile for this technology could watch many things including all goings on in the mountain fortress of Anson Gorbel be it human or other wise. Shortly before the funeral Casper had discovered surveillance signals from the mountain fortress being directed upon this valley farm and so he had activated yet another piece of technology, a cloaking device that rendered the entire farm invisible. This would be not only to a naked eye but any form of surveillance. Drifting off to sleep there were two thoughts crossing Fred’s mind, one was regret that he had not been more friendly to Bill Langley. The second was more of a curiosity, for if beings from another planet had brought this very powerful and unearthly technology to earth and had lost it. Would they not seek it out someday to reclaim what was rightfully theirs? Perhaps………sometime………soon.


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