The Big One………………..Chapter 57

Kevin Cross was a rather tender flower of late given all of the crazy things he had been through and now came the death of his friend Bill Langley. His lovely girlfriend Amber Gershwin could see this and so she held his hand through the entire funeral service at grave side and following the ceremony she had a great idea to cheer him up. The two waited until no one was looking and then slipped away for a nice walk to the upper rim of the valley. Amber had packed a nice lunch basket and off they went through the trees on this overcast day that was still fairly warm for late summer. The leaves on the trees were changing color rather quickly now but birds still sang and flew about and one would never think that anything could possibly be out of the ordinary. It toke the two about an hour and a half to reach the valley’s edge where they could look down on the vast valley and farm. The view seemed extra wonderful with a warm breeze blowing through the grass. After laying a blanket out they set about having lunch and chatted casually about many things. Amber was relieved  that Kevin’s mind seemed rather at ease and she lay back closing her eyes for a quick nap. The two had not really noticed any change in the valley scenery and Amber’s first inclination of anything different was a gasp from Kevin. Opening her eyes the young lady saw her boyfriend standing lips trembling his face riveted in shock as he starred down at the valley . Following his gaze she too froze in utter amazement for the valley scenery was missing one key element, the entire farm.

Unable to contain himself any further young Cross blurted out at the top of his lungs, “AH WHAT THE HELL MAN! WHERE IS THE FARM?!”.


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