The Big One……………………Chapter 56

Abe Yoder was heart sick at the death of his dear friend Bill Langley and busied himself with Dave Rippley preparing a casket for the talented pilot. During their recent trip to Diego island Bill and Abe had grown closer as pals and talked about life and the recent disaster that had wiped out over ninety five percent of the worlds population.  Abe would likely never been able to have his dear girlfriend and soon to be wife Anna Colbenze if it had not been for Bills skilled help. Following the construction of the casket they set up a nice floral arrangement for the funeral near graveside as the others washed and placed Langley in the casket. Abe never slept that night and Anna broke with traditional rules of amish dating to sleep next to him.

The funeral service was very touching but beautiful that following afternoon under a now  slightly overcast late summer sky. The group stood in a circle around the grave as Rem Josephus spoke from the book of second Samuel regarding the struggles of David King of Israel. It was very befitting given the circumstances of the past couple of months both on this valley farm and around the world in general. Following the sermon a few people spoke of Bill and what he had meant to them. Kevin Cross had met Bill with a bang so to speak when Langley had nearly landed his plane on the youngsters head. Dave Rippley on the other hand had first encountered those two when they had crashed their plane into a tree on the valley farm upon running out of fuel. Abe Yoder had come later with little Emily on horse back. Young Yoder could only manage a few words before break into tears. As if on cue Rem then started a most beautiful song about life and struggle tempered by faith and as his voice lifted out over the valley and mountains the circle joined hands and with bowed heads they wept as one. They wept not only for their lost friend but for Tabetha and countless other friends and family who had been lost in the quake. For in this blessed outlet of tears and grief there sprang healing and thus hope and strength to go on for years to come.


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