The Big One………………………..Chapter 55

Dave Rippley was now wondering if there would be any end to the dark surprises he had been receiving lately. Following his spirited conversation with Fred Casper regarding the deadly technology he had at his disposal, Dave had headed outside to hear of a freak mass of butterflies that seemed out of this world. It was well past dark when he headed to bed with his beloved Loraine Michaud and sleep found them very quickly. They both sat straight up in bed not long after first light at the screams of Donna Case to find that their good friend Bill Langley had departed this earth at some point during the night. This very sad event brought everyone together including the reclusive Fred Casper who sprang from his basement hide away to see what was wrong.  The men set about preparing Bills remains for burial as the women did their best to help the unconsolable  Donna. A blanket of sadness seemed to cover the valley farm as Rem Josephus agreed to both conduct the funeral service and sing a special number the following day. Dave and Abe constructed a pine casket from boards they found in the barn while Kevin and Fred dug a grave in the meadow near rivers edge right next to the grave of Tabetha Long who had been killed aboard Casper’s research ship during the quake. This all seemed like an unguarded moment in which an enemy could strike. This enemy however would be sadly mistaken due to the very preemptive thinking of Fred Casper, for he had set up a very strange yet adequate defence against any such action.


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