The Big One…………………….Chapter 54

Anson Gorbel felt deflated to say the least and had never had such a feeling in his entire life. Oh there had been times of frustration when as third in command of the CIA he had been told that the special new signal directive technology was for first and second in command only and that he would be informed strictly on a need to know basis. The past week had seen his own head quarters compromised with the loss of a number of agents. There was then that sickening mess out towards Diego island where they had taken the loss of helicopters full of agents except for one who had survived. Egor Vrolev as annoying as he was had been very valuable to Gorbel and Anson had just been informed about a half hour earlier that the big boisterous Russian would pull through. Given the compromised situation inside the mountain fortress Gorbel had felt it better to transport him to the hospital inside the facility in what used to be the southern USA. Sitting now in his darkened office where he did his best thinking Gorbel turned over in his mind the next move for his fighting force. Diego island was now firmly under the control of his agents and now for this upstart farming bunch in the next valley. If it had not been for this special new signal directive used by that maggot Fred Casper it would have all been over for them long ago. But despite all that, no one was invincible thought Anson with a dark smile that brought a feeling of reassuring ease for a moment. This all vanished in the next second with a blast of annoyance as his office door burst open and his nephew Tyler Gorbel bounced in with out knocking a big grin on his face.

” Hey Uncs, hows it hangin”?


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