The Big One…………………………Chapter 53

Fred Casper felt very satisfied this past week following the great performance of his technology inside the mountain fortress and of course the other situation out towards Diego Island . The latter mission had insured the safe return of Abe and Bill but had also allowed the valley to welcome a new resident and life partner for young Yoder, Anna Colbenze. Casper often felt a battle ragging inside him between good and evil when this technology as he called it did terrible things to keep the valley residents safe. He knew however now that young Dave Rippley was aware of the existence of such things, everyone would eventually know bringing much debate and even confrontation. The threat of the evil Anson Gorbel and his army of agents was still a very present danger and Fred knew that they would never simply go away. As long as folks like Gorbel remained upon the earth they would always look for ways to conquer and control others through wicked means. These were some of the last thoughts through Casper’s mind as he lay back upon his bed drifting into sleep. He had locked the basement door from the inside following the conversation with young Dave. The night settled in quietly on the valley and went past with tranquil ease until first light when he bolted straight up in bed at the sound of screams from the barn area.


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