The Big One……………………..Chapter 52

Following his episode from when he saw the wall of butterflies fly past, Kevin Cross now rested in the bedroom with his one and only Amber Gershwin. Kevin could not seem to erase from memory that terrible day when the world seemingly broke apart killing everyone he had known at the time, leaving the small fraction of this worlds remaining population stunned and heart broken. He felt so blessed to be with this lovely woman and was sure that life would not be the same without her. She had such a calming effect on this young man in such a way that words could not describe. It was night time now and a knock came to the door as they welcomed their new friend and valley musician Rem Josephus to the room. Producing an amazing hand made mandolin he began to play the most soothing bedtime song the two had ever heard and before you knew it both were fast asleep. Rem simply went back to the barn when he was done and calm was heavy as night fell but in it depths there was great deception. For not long after first light a frantic scream of terror came from the barn that sounded like Donna Case and they all went running.


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