The Big One………………………Chapter 50

Dave Rippley had experienced very hard things for such a young man and  learned some facts that he almost wished he had not. While in the mountain fortress he had learned from the evil Anson Gorbel that Fred Casper had many deadly weapons unknown to humanity that were capable of exploits out of this world. The lad had just come from the farm house basement following a passionate and lively conversation with the scientist where they had discussed Dave’s experience and findings, coming to an agreement to keep his newly gained knowledge a secret for now.  Sitting at the kitchen table while everyone else was outside shouting about a swarm of butterflies that had just gone past, he felt oddly alone with his newly acquired knowledge but felt it was best to keep it from the others for the greater good. There was a cold and nagging feeling in the depths of his mind that Casper should not have this technology and that a person with such great power would be very lethal should they decide to commit evil acts. Fred had always been private yet kind to everyone but his behaviour had been different of late. Casper had shown the youngster some of the weapons during their talk and it was enough to make his blood run cold. The human race seemed to be their own worst enemy in far too many cases. There was a shout as the sound of an approaching helicopter brought the people outside to a buzz of excitement welcoming Bill, Abe and the beautiful Anna Colbenze home. He tried to push the dark thoughts of worry about Fred Casper out of his mind while getting to his feet and heading outside.  One thing he knew for sure was that he or perhaps some one else would have to make another decision about Mister Casper some day for the greater good of all humanity.


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