The Big One……………………………….Chapter 48

After allowing Bill and Abe to fly away in his helicopter Fred Casper had a very intense heart to heart talk with the young Dave Rippley. Casper needed to make the youngster understand the importance of keeping the very powerful arsenal Casper had at his disposal a secret for now. It was very obvious that there was a very dangerous enemy in the next valley controlled by a very evil person but as for the tremor toad and the questions asked of Dave about Casper’s arsenal, well these things should remain a secret between these two men. Rippley was hesitant at first but upon further thought he agreed to this arrangement for what Casper had called the greater good. No sooner had Dave bidden Fred goodnight and headed upstairs when the console on the scientists bed came to life showing Bill and Abe heading back home with a third passenger that seemed to be a young girl. The disturbing thing was that his tracking indicators showed them being chased by two military class aircraft that were closing fast. A few key strokes had a cloud of butterflies headed to meet them flanked by the old and deadly porcupine looking creature off unearthly, deadly capabilities. Fred watched them depart on their mission and stood there deep in thought. He hoped young Rippley really did see things his way but there was a nagging thought in his mind about silencing him in order to prevent any complications. Why it would be so very easy but yet dark and the words of admonition from his dying mentor came floating back to him as Rem Josephus began to sing once more.

” Use this technology for good and not for evil”.


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