The Big One……………….Chapter 47

Kevin Cross  and the lovely Amber Gershwin were very deeply in love with one another and anyone with eyes in their head could see it so very profoundly. They spent day and night in the company of one another and right now the two of them sat in the kitchen wondering about the muffled and rather intense conversation that seemed to be taking place in the basement between Fred Casper and the newly returned Dave Rippley. Everyone was so overjoyed to see Dave come back to them safely but as soon as Bill Langley and Abe Yoder had taken off in the helicopter, both Fred and young Rippley had gone downstairs to talk. Lifting Amber from his lap and taking a much needed stretch accompanied with a large and loud yawn Kevin wandered onto the back porch to get some late evening mountain air. It was late summer now and some of the trees were changing color but the birds still sang and the air was still warm. Standing on the porch now he gave a big sigh and stretch once more starring up at the sky and froze. Hovering just inside the tree line was a creature that resembled an oversized flying porcupine. No sooner had he laid eyes on it when a massive wall of butterflies swarmed past in a wave of glowing form that resembled a stain glass church window. All of this seemed so very overwhelming for the youngster that he shouted at the top of his lungs,



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