The Big One………………………………Chapter 46

The helicopter carrying the  young Amish lad Abe Yoder with Bill Langley at the controls flew along at a good pace only about a half hour out of  Diego Island now. Anna Colbenze had given Abe instructions on where to land and meet her at a place near the main communications centre. The building was staffed with some one hundred people and the Amish girl who had grown up with Abe was very excited to see him. There had always been a great chemistry between the two and now perhaps this would be their time.  Night time was coming on and  lights of the island showed in the distance with turbines turning in the dusk sky. The hearts of  Abe and Bill  froze as the  radio crackled to life with a frightened and winded sounding Anna coming through rather broken up.

“Abe ?  Abe I am running now because something terrible has happened. A bunch of helicopters just landed in our city with people carrying guns and dressed in black. They have killed most of our people at the centre and I have got away. I promise to meet you at the same place but will have to hide for now. I love you Abe…..over and out”.

The fear Abe felt melted as he could feel a warmth wash over him when she confessed her love. Even Bill could feel it and gave the young man a knowing smile and said with a pat on the shoulder,

“Don’t worry pal we will find this young lady and get her to the farm where she will be safe”.

Abe simply nodded and looked down as Diego island now passed beneath them. Bill knew about this place and they could still see what was going on down bellow despite the encroaching darkness. It seemed that helicopters carrying agents had landed at some five key locations around the place and utter mayhem was ensuing with running gun battles between the invaders and island security teams. Bodies littered the streets in these areas and it looked like even innocent by standers had been shot. The communications centre was easy to locate with its lights and towers. They were low enough now to see that the front door had been smashed in and a number of bodies lay on the ground out front. Muzzle flashes from weapons could still be seen here and there. Bill Langley located the land marks the young lady had given them easily and upon finding the big white x marked on a large deserted parking lot he set the craft down. They left the engine running as they would not be there long.

The area was mostly dark with multiple gun shots and screams of anguish sounding in the distance. Abe ran to the edge of the parking lot calling in a half whisper for Anna, afraid of attracting attention of the killing kind. Bill stood behind him throwing anxious stares in every direction. They both were beginning wonder if she had even made it when from a garbage dumpster on the other side of the landing space came a muffled sound and the lid opened betraying the lovely blonde head of Anna Colbenze. Abe was to her in a flash catching her up in his arms and the two embraced in the most touching moment of sobbing for unspeakable joy.

The moment was interrupted by Bill Langley as he grabbed them both by the shoulders and toke the two to the waiting helicopter. They had not even buckled in as the craft rapidly left the pad and headed towards home.

The helicopter was not even out of site when five armed agents accompanied by Anson Gorbel ran into the landing area and stood starring after it.

” Well she was one of the main people who ran this communications centre and now she has been rescued by our friends from the valley farm and is being taken there while we stand here watching”, said Gorbel with that dark rage of his building inside him.

Turning suddenly he sent an abandoned tricycle flying through the air with a single kick  that great volcano of rage erupting in one ugly bellowed order.

“After them!”.


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