The Big One…………………….Chapter 45

Dave Rippley had time to think on his two hour hike back to the valley farm. The youngster was accompanied by the tremor toad for most of the journey but was left to travel on alone upon reaching the outer rim of the valley.  His face was swollen from the beating he had taken and his ribs still hurt.

Coming from his new found shack Abe Yoder was the first to see him approaching and the Amish lad let out a holler that brought just about everyone out of various places to meet  Dave.  Fred Casper knew ahead of time of coarse and so as Rippley drew closer  Casper went to wake his girlfriend bringing her to the back porch to meet him. Loraine almost collapsed in shock upon seeing Dave surrounded by his many greeters but was held up by the strong arms of Fred.

Dave was already being questioned by the others about what had happened to him and the concern was only made greater by the appearance of his battered looking face. Seeing his girlfriend and Fred standing on the porch he raced into the arms of his beloved Loraine and the two wept as they held one another. Peering over Loraine’s shoulder into the face of Fred,  Dave whispered to the man.

“You and I need to have a good long talk”.

Casper simply gave him an understanding nod accompanied by a dark smile. Dave toke Loraine into the house perplexed by her drawn and gaunt complexion. Turning around Casper came face to face with Bill Langley and Abe Yoder who asked him to borrow the helicopter. Fred was well aware of Langley’s veteran experience as a pilot that far surpassed his own and so he had no problem allowing Bill to fly his aircraft. It would be after they had gone that Fred Casper would learn other things that would make him regret this decision. He turned now to go into the house to deal with more pressing matters like that talk with Mister Rippley.

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