The Big One………………Chapter 43

,                                                                                        Fred Casper sat at his wooden desk in what his friends were beginning to refer to as his basement hide away. He had found the old wooden piece of office furniture in a dark corner of the barn collecting dust. He kept his main console on day and night now because of the abduction of Dave Rippley. This allowed him to keep track of the tremor toad he had sent to bring the youngster back to the valley farm. Fred watched as Gorbel and his Russian torture expert friend had departed suddenly on a helicopter to take care of urgent business elsewhere. The door was melted by one blast of the toads inner acid juice formed into a gas and shot from its mouth. Dave had then been ushered by the toad from the mountain fortress in utter amazement as three agents tried to stop them and were reduced instantly into writhing puddles of red slime by the toad.

The others on the farm had no idea of what was going on, in fact Dave’s girlfriend Loraine had to be sedated in order get her to rest and was now sleeping in an upstairs bedroom. The other women had taken little Emily to play in the nearby field. Abe, Bill and Kevin had warned them not to go too far and this had made Fred smile to himself because since the abduction this valley farm was the safest place on earth. One more glance at his console brought yet another smile because as the music played by that newcomer Rem Josephis floated over the valley, little did they know that approaching the outer rim of the slope at a rapid trot was young Dave Rippley.


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