The Big One…………………………………….Chapter 42

Kevin Cross was exhausted and feeling rather frustrated once again not only because of the unexpected abduction of his good friend Dave Rippley, his head was pounding due to another one of his many unexpected life shocks. The girls had Dave’s girlfriend Loraine in the house trying in vain to calm her down. Fred Casper had once again gone back to his basement hide away and Abe Yoder had gone somewhere in the woods with Bill Langley leaving Kevin to just stroll about wondering what to do next. Thoughts shot through his head about arranging a search party to find his friend but that would be no good in this vast mountain range because according to the frantic Loraine he had been taken in some sort of helicopter. This meant that he could be just about anywhere by now and the very thought made his heart sink.

Just about that very moment the sound of the most beautiful music reached his ears and he headed towards the barn to find it’s source. Reaching the open door he looked up into the nearest hay loft to see the new comer Rem Josephis sitting there playing a mandolin. The music was so wonderful that it instantly relaxed him causing the young man to forget his troubles for a bit. Leaning against a near post with hands in pockets he simply toke in the sound of this strangers singing coupled with the lilting mandolin. It was amazing how naturally talented Rem was with the instrument and the music drifted out over the valley like a calming balm to the wounds of the current troubled situation. Kevin hardly noticed Donna Case come from the house and call for Bill and the two eventually coming to stand behind Kevin. It was not until some time later when Abe Yoder came shouting from the tree line that everything stopped and everyone turned to look at him. His face was flushed and sweat beads had formed on the young mans forehead as he rushed up to them.

“The radio the radio”, he managed with breath coming in gasps. “I have managed to raise someone on that radio Bill and I found in that old shack”.


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