The Big One………………………….Chapter 39

Anson Gorbel sat in his office deep inside the CIA operations centre at the heart of the mountain with hands behind his head and feet on his desk. The room was dark as he loved it when he was alone to think on matters that concerned him. Staring now at the ceiling he thought of the agents that had been killed by whatever that creature Casper had set upon them. Gorbel had almost gone crazy with rage on one of his agents upon their return inside the debriefing room when he had suggested that the creature was a large flying porcupine. He had to admit however in the quiet council of his own mind that anything was possible giving what had happened with his agents and the drone that had been vaporized while landing on their own strip.
So now there must be a different approach and a cruel smile creased the corners of his mouth as he thought of the holding cell just down the hallway from his office that held the young Dave Rippley. One of the worlds most cruel torture experts would soon set to extracting information on New Special Signal Directive out of this young lad and Egor Vrolev was just the person for the job. Vrolev had been brought from the CIA centre in the southern states in anticipation of Dave’s capture. Gorbel did not care who they caught because he was sure they all knew what Casper did, for Fred being a smart man of science would not let anyone near him that was not trust worthy. Vrolev had joined the CIA from the Russian Secret Service after working for the agency as a double agent during the cold war. He was about six foot five and muscular in his late fifties, slightly balding with a crew cut and a square jaw with cruel features completed by the most creepy and cold green eyes.
A sudden knock came to the door and then it opened with his young nephew Tyler Gorbel bouncing in. Anson thought it a wonder he had knocked as the nineteen year old normally just barged in unannounced. Smiling at his uncles dark and foreboding stare he spoke casually.
“Hi you wanted to see the prisoner before Egor does his thing”?
Getting up from his desk he left the room and headed down the hall to the room where Dave and Egor waited followed by Tyler. Peering into the small door window he turned pointing his finger into the face of his nephew his cruel eyes growing darker with brow furrowed in anger.
” Three things before we continue, one Egor Vrolev will interrogate this peron not do his thing. Secondly this person is not a prisoner, we call him a detainee. Thirdly you are a trainee and so you will sit in a corner and watch. This means that you are to be seen and not heard, UNDERSTAND”?!
With that he turned opening the door and they both entered the room to join Dave Rippley and the very nasty Egor Vrolev.


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