The Big One………………………………Chapter 38

Fred Casper was forever in his basement hide away under the big farm house in the valley. His only wishes were for an endless supply of food and that no one knew where he was. Since that annoying pilot Bill Langley had disturbed him not many days back he was always wondering when he would once again have to tell one or more people to leave him alone. Fred struggled mentally at times with thoughts of right and wrong. Since sending the butterfly weapon to blow up the drone he had been plagued with memories of his old friend and fellow scientist Doctor Ginsley just before he died. Ginsley had spent much time just before his passing admonishing Fred to do good things with this new found technology and not to use it for evil gain. Casper knew that the drone was unmanned and therefore no one had been killed but with Gorbel and his army of agents in the next valley, this would certainly lead to blood shed if they were to survive. Fred knew that he was the only one who could adequately protect this valley and the lives of it’s inhabitants.
The very thought of this brought a great burden of responsibility to bare upon him and he did not like this. Turning now with a sigh to his console he brought the screen to life with a tap of the main button and saw a darkened room inside the CIA fortress deep in the next mountain courtesy of the deadly little tremor toad. In this room sat Anson Gorbel tipped back in his chair with hands propped behind his head, starring as it seemed at the ceiling. Casper longed for an occasion to reason with the man in order to come to an understanding but had spent enough time around the CIA to know that this person was extremely cruel and evil. Such things as reason and compassion were complete strangers to him and Fred had both seen and heard many examples of his utterly mindless deeds. There was sudden movement as the door of the room opened and a person entered with Gorbel and the other leaving right away.
At that very moment Fred heard a commotion coming down the valley and he ran upstairs onto the back porch to see Bill Langley and Donna Case running up the valley to meet Loraine and Amber. Kevin lagged behind with some older looking stranger who was dragging some belongings with a contraption of sorts. Casper noticed right away that Dave was no where to be seen and therefore this commotion concerned him. He could hear Amber calmly relating that Dave had been taken by a helicopter and she had a hard time completing a sentence for Loraine’s crazed and frantic interjections.
Fred Casper’s calm and confident voice made everyone stop dead as they turned to see him standing on the porch, hands in pockets with a spooky look in his eye.
” Don’t worry guy’s, everything will be fine I promise you. We will get old Dave back safe and sound”.
With that he turned and went back into the house leaving everyone standing there in shock and bewilderment.


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