The Big One…………………Chapter 37

Kevin Cross and his lovely girlfriend Amber Gershwin were very much in love. The two of them openly admitted that they had never felt so deep a feeling in their entire lives. That is why on this beautiful late summer morning when breakfast and all the chores were done, they just naturally drifted off together hand in hand into the woods to chase one another and become lost in one another’s embrace. Well lost is in fact what they eventually became, because about an hour after they left the valley farm Amber asked Kevin where they were and he did not have a clue. Looking around Kevin spotted a clearing that appeared to be near the outer rim of the valley . He looked at Amber and winked.

” Say darling , how about I go spread a nice blanket in that clearing so we can have a nice snack and take a load off for a while”?

” Sure Mister Cross”, said Amber sarcastically,”I would love that”.

Heading towards the clearing while Amber stood watching with hands on her hips Kevin had a small food basket in one hand and was shaking out the blanket with the other. That is why he never saw a hysterical Loraine Michaud come flying out of the bushes to his right and plow straight into him knocking both himself and the goods he was carrying sprawling. A few seconds passed as everyone was shocked but Amber sprang into action first and ran to grab Loraine as she was obviously in crisis of some kind. She had to actually wrestle with her a bit and in doing so they moved off down the valley towards the farm. Loraine was in such distress and out of breath and so her words did not make much sense. All Amber could was able to understand was that some one or something had taken Dave.

Mean while Kevin still a little stunned was getting back to his feet and brushing himself off, a dull throb in his head. These types of things were getting to be a normal thing for this poor fellow and he wondered how this had come to be.

That very thought was still in his mind when a large older model dirty red pickup truck came flying over the ridge straight at him. Kevin stumbled backwards in shock and fell over a smaller bush sprawling onto his back. There was a shout of shock from Amber who had moved down the valley a ways with Loraine but what Kevin saw next was purely eccentric.  Out of the truck that was blasting what sounded like blue grass music with what appeared to be a banjo leaning on the dashboard jumped an older looking man. He had an old straw hat on his head with a dirty tee shirt and dirty denim coveralls held up by suspenders.

“Why howdy there young feller”, said the man with a smile that exposed rotten and missing teeth.

“Rem Josephis is the name and mountain music is the game”, he said letting out a large belly laugh of amusement with his own talk.

Kevin just stood there staring and then his heart went still within him. The trauma of what he had suffered these past number of day’s culminating with what had just gone down boiled up within him. It all gushed out of him all at once in the only way he could vent it.



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